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How to Buy Cheap Apixaban Online

Monday 30 October 2023
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Table of Contents

I. Understanding Apixaban

II. The Cost Differential: U.S. vs. Canadian Pharmacies

III. Steps to Buy Cheap Apixaban Online from a Canadian Pharmacy

IV. Order Apixaban from My Drug Center Today

Apixaban, commonly known under its brand name, Eliquis, is a popular anticoagulant medication that reduces the risk of blood clot and stroke for patients with related high-risk conditions. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive—especially for U.S. residents, who won’t be able to get cheap apixaban in its generic version on U.S. markets until 2028.

In this article, we’ll explore an alternative option that Americans who take apixaban are using at an increasing rate: Canadian online pharmacies. This option allows individuals to access cheap apixaban online safely, legally, and affordably—and with the easy convenience of home delivery.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Apixaban is a direct oral anticoagulant. It’s popular with patients and doctors because it does not require frequent testing, monitoring, or adjustment.
  • It’s used to prevent the occurrence of blood clots and stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation or who have had recent hip or knee surgery (among other conditions).
  • Generic Apixaban is not available in the U.S. Its brand-name alternative, Eliquis, is expensive and cost-prohibitive for many who need it.
  • U.S. residents can safely and legally order generic Apixaban from Canadian pharmacies.

Understanding Apixaban

Apixaban belongs to a newer class of drugs called direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs). These drugs work by specifically targeting and inhibiting certain proteins in the blood that play crucial roles in the clotting process. Apixaban, in particular, acts by blocking Factor Xa, an enzyme vital for blood clot formation.

Apixaban has gained significant traction in the medical community due to its efficacy and safety profile. Unlike other older anticoagulants, such as warfarin, Apixaban does not require regular blood monitoring or frequent dose adjustments, making it a more convenient option for many patients.

Indicated primarily for patients with atrial fibrillation (an irregular, often rapid heart rate) not caused by a heart valve problem, Apixaban prevents the formation of dangerous clots that can cause strokes. It’s also often prescribed for prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery.

While the benefits of Apixaban are undeniable, the cost of the medication in its brand-name form can be a significant barrier for many patients in the United States. Fortunately, Canadian pharmacies are now a viable and easy-to-use alternative solution for buying cheap Apixaban online without worrying about its safety or quality.

Let’s explore the cost difference between U.S. and Canadian markets in more detail.

The Cost Differential: U.S. vs. Canadian Pharmacies

The disparity in U.S. drug prices and those of neighboring countries is a longstanding point of contention and concern for many American patients. On average, U.S. patients pay a staggering 240% more for their prescription drugs than patients in other developed countries. [1]

Bar graph shows that U.S. prescription drug prices are 240% higher, on average, than other developed countries.


Apixaban, or Eliquis, serves as a prime example of this price differential. While the exact prices can vary based on location, insurance coverage, and other factors, it's not uncommon for U.S. patients to pay several times more for Eliquis compared to their counterparts in Canada. For example, patients at Costco pharmacy in Inglewood, CA pay about 3X the price of the same Eliquis prescription at My Drug Center.

Chart showing that Eliquis costs 3X as much at a California pharmacy than it does at My Drug Center

Several reasons underpin this stark difference in pricing:

  • Drug Pricing Regulations: Canada has stringent regulations in place that prevent pharmaceutical companies from charging exorbitant prices. Its government benchmarks drug prices against those in several other countries and ensures they remain within a reasonable range. The U.S., in contrast, lacks such centralized price regulation.
  • Market Dynamics: The U.S. pharmaceutical market operates largely based on competition. However, for drugs like Eliquis where there's no generic alternative available, the absence of competitive pricing can lead to higher costs for the consumer.
  • Healthcare System: The healthcare infrastructure and insurance dynamics in the U.S. differ significantly from those in Canada. The U.S. system often involves multiple intermediaries, such as pharmacy benefit managers, who play a role in determining drug prices. Each intermediary can add a markup, further escalating the final cost to the patient.
  • Research and Development Justification: Some argue that the high drug prices in the U.S. fund the research and development of new medications. However, this argument is contested, as many pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than on R&D.

Brand-name drugs without generic alternatives are at the center of this cost issue, accounting for only 8% of drugs dispensed in the United States, but a whopping 80% of prescription drug costs. [2] Without access to generic Eliquis, consumers feel locked into these prices and end up paying high out-of-pocket prices, even with the help of Medicare or insurance.

Steps to Buy Cheap Apixaban Online from a Canadian Pharmacy

Buying medications online, especially from international pharmacies, might feel worrisome. But with the right due diligence, you can find a reputable Canadian pharmacy to fill your prescription safely and get it to you quickly.

Here’s how to purchase cheap Apixaban online from a Canadian pharmacy:

Research Reputable Canadian Pharmacies

Look for a Canadian pharmacy certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA has a 100% perfect safety rating record over three decades of overseeing Canadian online pharmacies. If you see the logo below on a pharmacy’s website, you can trust that it’s reputable.

CIPA logo as it is displayed on Canadian pharmacy websites


Further, be sure the pharmacy has real pharmacists on hand and requires a valid prescription from your healthcare provider. These steps show the pharmacy engages in ethical practices while fulfilling orders.

Be Sure the Pharmacy Provides Your Medication(s)

Medications sold by Canadian pharmacies vary by individual organization. As you research potential Canadian pharmacies to fill your next prescription, search their website for the drug you need and be sure they provide it in the quantities and dosages your prescription outlines.

If you take other medications in addition to Apixaban, you’ll likely want to be sure the pharmacy carries all of your needed medications so you can fill your prescriptions in one convenient order.

Understand the Prescription Requirements

Beyond simply asking if you have a prescription, reputable Canadian pharmacies will ask you to provide a copy to them for their records. Be ready to send yours in through the mail, as pharmacies require receipt before your apixaban prescription can be filled.

Navigate Shipping and Payment Options

Once you've chosen your pharmacy and are ready to purchase, review the shipping options available. In many cases, international shipping from Canada to the U.S. may take longer than domestic orders. Make certain you plan ahead enough to receive your next prescription on time.

Some pharmacies, like My Drug Center, offer over-the-phone order and payment options in addition to the online process. Seek out this option if it’s one that you prefer.

Pharmacies will also require you to create an account in order to fill your prescription. This is a standard step that only takes a few minutes to complete when you make your first purchase.

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