Navigating the world wide web for safe, authentic medications, can seem like a discouraging and challenging task. Especially with so many fraudulent offenders out there looking to take advantage of patients simply looking to save money. Many of our customers are already aware that we provide low pricing on medications by sourcing them from other countries.

Similar to how our clothes, food, cars, and gadgets come from around the world, our medications are no different. And has assisted thousands of customers by providing safe access to these low-cost drugs.

Authenticity of your Medications

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us toll-free - 1-877-385-8998

We want to ensure that patients have peace of mind when they order with us. And in order to achieve this, we believe in complete honesty: Where is medication is shipping from? Which country was it made? What is the manufacturer name? When is it set to expire? We are happy to answer these, and any other questions our customers may have. We enforce stringent protocols to establish the safe procurement of medications from approved international fulfilment centers and pharmacies located around the world.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All fulfillment centers used for distribution have been physically inspected to ensure they are licensed to dispense and ship medications in their respective countries and have a licensed pharmacist on staff.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Each fulfillment center or pharmacy is able to provide, on request, a drug pedigree. Which allows us to review the history of the drug; When and where it was manufactured, all the way to the dispensing location, and then finally the patient.

These fulfilment centers include, but are not limited to:
United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, and India.

Patient Safety and Requirements puts the safety of patients at the forefront. Our customer service representatives adhere to a strict process of requirements needed from all patients
  • Patients are to provide a valid prescription signed by a licensed physician.
  • Patients are to provide a copy of a government issued ID (Example: Driver's License)
  • Patients are to provide a medical profile, which includes medication conditions, medications currently being taken, and any allergies.
  • Patients are restricted to order a 3-month supply maximum at a time.

Additional Health Services

Our online Canadian Pharmacy offers free pharmacist consultation to our customers. This will be provided to you on request as a free service.