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What Drug Class Is Jardiance and Why Does It Matter?

Thursday 4 January 2024
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Table of Contents

I. Why Do Drug Classes Matter?

II. Exploring the Jardiance Drug Class

III. Benefits of SGLT2 Inhibitors

IV. Final Thoughts

Diabetes management can be complex, and understanding the classification of medications like Jardiance is pivotal. Jardiance, a leading medication for managing Type 2 diabetes, falls under the drug class of SGLT2 inhibitors. This classification isn’t just a technicality—it holds significant implications for the drug’s efficacy, risks, and overall suitability for patients.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the Jardiance drug class and who SGLT2 inhibitors are a good fit for, as well as the benefits Jardiance delivers to patients who take it to manage diabetes symptoms.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Drug classes categorize drugs based on shared characteristics, which can include mechanism of action, chemical structure, or therapeutic effect.
  • Jardiance is a Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, which means it inhibits the SGLT2 protein and thus prevents reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys.
  • Benefits of Jardiance and other medications in Jardiance’s drug class include effective blood sugar management, lowered cardiovascular risk, reduced blood pressure, and kidney protection.
  • Like any medication, Jardiance can cause adverse side effects for certain patients. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider about the best diabetes medication for you.

What Are Drug Classes and Why Do They Matter?

A drug class is a group of medications categorized together based on shared characteristics, such as their mechanism of action, chemical structure, or therapeutic effect. This categorization simplifies the vast pharmaceutical landscape, enabling healthcare providers to identify and choose medications that share similar pharmacological profiles.

Medications within the same class often work in the body in similar ways. For instance, drugs in the same mechanism of action category target the same biological pathway or receptor, leading to similar therapeutic effects.

The chemical structure classification is based on the molecular composition of drugs, which influences how the body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes them. Therapeutic effect categorization is based on the medical condition or symptoms the drugs are designed to treat or alleviate.

The video below is a helpful deeper dive on the ways drugs are classified and the impact it makes down the line as it relates to things like drug names, combinations, and schedules.

Understanding a medication's drug class is crucial in healthcare for several reasons. For healthcare providers, it aids in identifying appropriate treatment options, especially when considering alternatives for patients who may not respond well to a specific medication.

For patients, knowledge about drug classes can enhance understanding of how their medication works and the potential benefits they might expect.

Moreover, being aware of a drug's class is important for understanding potential side effects and drug interactions. Medications in the same class can have similar side effects or risks, and they may interact in predictable ways with other drugs.

This knowledge is key in managing a patient's overall treatment plan, ensuring both efficacy and safety of their medication plan at all times, and in making informed decisions about their health care.

Exploring the Jardiance Drug Class: SGLT2 Inhibitors

Jardiance belongs to a relatively new and innovative class of diabetes medications called Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors. This drug class, characterized by its unique mechanism of action, has significantly impacted diabetes management in recent years.

SGLT2 is a protein found primarily in the kidneys that plays a key role in glucose reabsorption. Normally, glucose filtered by the kidneys is reabsorbed into the bloodstream, however, SGLT2 inhibitors like Jardiance disrupt this process. By inhibiting the SGLT2 protein, these drugs prevent the reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys, leading to its excretion through urine.

Consequently, this lowers blood glucose levels, aiding in the management of Type 2 diabetes.

Graphic showing how the Jardiance drug class (SGLT-2 inhibitors) works in the body


This mechanism of action is distinct from most other diabetes medications, which work by increasing insulin sensitivity or secretion. For instance, metformin, a widely used diabetes drug, improves the body’s response to insulin and reduces glucose production in the liver, whereas SGLT2 inhibitors function independently of insulin pathways.

This distinction is particularly beneficial for patients who don’t adequately respond to insulin-centric therapies or for patients who need to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia, a common side effect of many other diabetes medications.

SGLT2 inhibitors have also been found to offer additional health benefits such as promoting weight loss and reducing cardiovascular risks, making them a multifaceted option in diabetes treatment. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at some of these benefits.

Benefits of SGLT2 Inhibitors

A big part of the reason why SGLT2 inhibitors like Jardiance, have brought on such a paradigm shift in diabetes management is because of the multiple benefits they deliver that extend beyond mere blood sugar control. These include:

Effective Blood Sugar Management

The primary advantage of SGLT2 inhibitors is their ability to effectively reduce blood glucose levels. By promoting the excretion of excess glucose through urine, these drugs help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which is crucial for managing Type 2 diabetes.

As mentioned, because their mechanism works independently of insulin, SGLT2 inhibitors are a valuable option for patients who have insulin resistance or require an alternative to insulin-based treatments.

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Several studies have demonstrated the cardiovascular benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors. These drugs not only help reduce blood sugar levels but also have a positive impact on heart health. They’ve shown to lower the risk of heart failure and may also reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death in diabetic patients, a significant advancement considering the high correlation between the two conditions.

Weight Management

Unlike some diabetes medications that can lead to weight gain, SGLT2 inhibitors often have the added benefit of aiding weight loss. By excreting excess glucose, these drugs also eliminate calories, which can contribute to a reduction in body weight. This is beneficial for the staggering 86% of Type 2 diabetes patients who are also managing obesity or being overweight. [2]

Blood Pressure Reduction

SGLT2 inhibitors have a mild diuretic effect that reduces blood pressure. This is an important secondary benefit, as hypertension is a common comorbidity in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Kidney Protection

Emerging evidence suggests that SGLT2 inhibitors may also have nephroprotective effects, meaning they can help protect the kidneys from damage, a common complication of diabetes.

Lower Risk of Hypoglycemia

Because SGLT2 inhibitors do not directly stimulate insulin secretion, they have a lower risk of causing hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood glucose levels) compared to some other diabetes medications.

These wide-ranging benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors like Jardiance make them an ideal choice for patients who need a comprehensive Type 2 diabetes treatment plan that also addresses related conditions and health risks.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the Jardiance drug class and its place within the broad spectrum of diabetes medications is crucial for effective diabetes management. As with any drug, when SGLT2 inhibitors are a good fit for a patient, they can effectively help them manage symptoms and experience additional health benefits.

On the other hand, if a patient has certain risks—for example, in this case, kidney disease—taking SGLT2 inhibitors can potentially worsen symptoms.

The drug classification system helps providers understand these risks and benefits on a large scale so they can accurately and efficiently prescribe medications that help patients reach optimal health outcomes.

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The information in the article is not meant to be used for treatment or diagnosis. It is designed for general awareness and for information purposes only. Always consult a medical professional for your specific healthcare needs.