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Side Effects of Jardiance

Thursday 28 April 2022
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Table of Contents

I. What does Jardiance Treat?

II. What are the Side Effects of Jardiance?

III. Jardiance Side Effect on Eyes

IV. Jardiance Weight Loss

V. Preventing Jardiance Side Effects

What does Jardiance Treat?

Jardiance is primarily used to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes. When prescribed alongside diet and exercise, Jardiance is typically well-tolerated and effective. Jardiance 10 mg and 25 mg are also approved for reducing the risk of death in patients with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Discounted brand-name Jardiance is available through an online Canadian pharmacy like MyDrugCenter, but it is important to know the potential side effects of this antidiabetic before starting treatment. Read on to learn more about empagliflozin’s side effects. 

What are the Side Effects of Jardiance?

Jardiance can potentially cause mild to severe side effects. Talk to your doctor if any side effect continues to bother you and becomes unmanageable. Taking Jardiance may increase your risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). This side effect can cause symptoms like pain during urination, frequent urination, and cloudy-looking urine. If your urine appears red or bright pink, there is blood in the urine, and you may be experiencing complications with a UTI. [1] Urinary tract infections generally require treatment with prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

a woman who needs to urinate

Empagliflozin may also increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections in women. If this side effect occurs, you may experience soreness and itching in the vaginal area. Additionally, pain during urination may accompany these symptoms. Like UTIs, a vaginal yeast infection will likely necessitate medical treatment. Speak with your healthcare provider if a UTI or yeast infection occurs.

Jardiance is associated with infection risk because it is an SGLT2 inhibitor. Medications in this drug class help the body excrete sugar through the genital area. As a result, excess sugar may accumulate, and infections may take root because bacteria feed on sugar. [2] While severe infections are rare, conditions like Fournier’s gangrene require immediate treatment to reduce the risk of serious side effects or death. Gangrene is a condition where bacteria enter through an open cut and invade the bloodstream. Catching the infection before it spreads is critical. Other severe side effects of Jardiance may include:

  • Low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • Kidney damage
  • Ketoacidosis (ketones buildup that causes acidic blood)
  • Severe urinary tract infections like urosepsis or pyelonephritis
  • Allergic reactions that may cause trouble breathing and skin swelling [3]

a man experiencing dizziness

Jardiance Side Effect on Eyes

Patients taking Jardiance may report blurry vision and other eye discomforts, but these are symptoms of high blood sugar and not side effects of empagliflozin. Patients on Jardiance likely have uncontrolled blood sugar, which may have already damaged the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. Over time, abnormally high blood sugar levels can affect your vision and lead to blindness if left untreated. [4] Regaining control over your blood sugar with Jardiance 25 mg, diet, and exercise is the best way to prevent loss of vision and maintain your eye health. 

Jardiance Weight Loss

It is not often that a side effect of a medication can be beneficial, but Jardiance is known to cause weight loss during treatment. One analysis measured changes in total body fat, weight, waist circumference, and various other metrics to determine empagliflozin’s effect on body weight. The results from this analysis showed that Jardiance can significantly reduce weight in type 2 diabetes patients, thereby reducing their risk of cardiometabolic diseases like stroke, heart attack, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. [5] 

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Preventing Jardiance Side Effects

Severe side effects like gangrene can be prevented by catching milder infections early. See your doctor right away to prevent exacerbations if you experience symptoms of a genital yeast infection. Avoiding Jardiance drug interactions is crucial to prevent other severe side effects like kidney failure. Drugs such as diuretics, ACE inhibitors, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can affect kidney function when combined with empagliflozin. This can increase your risk of kidney damage. If you need both Jardiance and a contraindicated drug, ask your doctor how a reduced dose and a shorter treatment period can minimize adverse effects.

Taking your dose as directed is the best way to prevent unwanted complications. It is important to see your doctor as soon as possible if you overdose on Jardiance. It is also important to maintain your immune system, cardiovascular health, and weight by keeping up with your exercise regimen and diet plan to lower your risk of side effects. Knowing how to prevent and minimize the potential side effects will go a long way in ensuring that your Jardiance medication improves your condition.

DISCLAIMER: The information in the article is not meant to be used for treatment or diagnosis. It is designed for general awareness and for information purposes only. Always consult a medical professional for your specific healthcare needs.