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Xifaxan Prices and Cost Savings: A Quick Guide

Friday 31 May 2024
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Table of Contents

I. Xifaxan Prices: An Overview

II. Ways to Save on Xifaxan Costs

i. Insurance and Assistance Programs

ii. Manufacturer Assistance Programs

iii. Canadian Pharmacies

III. Ordering Xifaxan from My Drug Center

Xifaxan (generic name rifaximin) is an antibiotic primarily used for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), travelers’ diarrhea, and hepatic encephalopathy. It’s proven to be a preferred option for many, thanks in large part to its localized mechanism of action in the gut and fewer systemic side effects compared to other antibiotics. However, Xifaxan costs can be prohibitive for some individuals depending on location, availability, and insurance coverage.

Understanding Xifaxan price factors is important for patients who need access to the medication. In this guide, we’ll explore the cost of Xifaxan in U.S. and Canadian markets, options for reducing costs, and how ordering from My Drug Center can help people save on their prescriptions.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Xifaxan treats IBS, travelers diarrhea, and hepatic encephalopathy with localized action that minimizes systemic side effects.
  • Xifaxan prices are a financial barrier for many—it can cost well over $2000-$3000 on U.S. retail markets for people without insurance.
  • Insurance and manufacturer assistance programs provide some relief, but most have strict eligibility requirements.
  • Ordering Xifaxan from a Canadian pharmacy is the most cost-effective option for individuals with no or minimal insurance coverage.

Xifaxan Prices: An Overview

Several factors influence the Xifaxan costs, including the location of the pharmacy and their specific pricing policies. Prices can vary significantly from one pharmacy to another, with some offering more competitive rates and special offers.

Insurance coverage and copay requirements also play a central role in determining the out-of-pocket costs for Xifaxan. Depending on the insurance plan, patients may have varying levels of coverage, which can substantially increase or reduce out-of-pocket expenses. It is important for patients to check with their insurance providers to understand their specific coverage details.

Manufacturer pricing and distribution costs are additional factors that impact Xifaxan prices. These can include production costs, shipping fees, and markups applied by distributors and pharmacies. All of these factors contribute to the overall price that patients encounter at the point of purchase.

Currently, the average cost of Xifaxan without insurance ranges from $2000 to $3450 for a 30-day supply, depending on dosage and quantity prescribed. With insurance, most patients can access it with copays lower than $100. Patients should explore different options and discuss pricing with their providers to find the most cost-effective paths to purchase.

Ways to Save on Xifaxan Costs

For many patients, the cost of Xifaxan can be a significant financial burden. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these expenses. From insurance to manufacturer assistance programs to ordering from online Canadian pharmacies, understanding available options can make a substantial difference.

Insurance and Assistance Programs

Different insurance plans offer varying levels of coverage for Xifaxan. Some plans may cover the majority of the cost, while others might require higher co-pays or only offer partial coverage. To determine the extent of your coverage, review your insurance policy or contact your provider directly. Confirming your coverage typically involves giving your provider details about your plan and the medication you need.

They can help you understand any prior authorization requirements and navigate potential restrictions based on your diagnosis.

Manufacturer Assistance Programs

Many pharmaceutical companies, including the makers of Xifaxan, offer savings programs to help reduce the cost of their medications. These programs often provide discounts, coupons, or rebates directly from the manufacturer. To access these savings, patients must usually meet certain eligibility criteria, such as income limits or lack of insurance coverage.

For example, Xifaxan offers a $0 Copay Savings Card, but it requires individuals to have commercial insurance (and other eligibility requirements also apply). [1]

Applying for these programs typically involves completing an application form and providing necessary documentation to prove eligibility. Patients can find information on the manufacturer's website or by consulting with their provider, who can assist in navigating the application process and identifying the best savings opportunities.

Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies are a cost-effective alternative for ordering Xifaxan, especially for patients who don’t have insurance or whose insurance offers minimal coverage. Pharmacies like My Drug Center can offer medications at significantly lower prices than U.S. counterparts thanks to regulatory differences.

Purchasing Xifaxan from Canadian pharmacies can be a cost-effective alternative for many patients.

When purchasing from a Canadian pharmacy, always ensure that the pharmacy is certified and reputable to guarantee the safety and authenticity of the medication. Look for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) logo, which indicates the pharmacy has passed safety certification and can be trusted. [2]


CIPA logo as it appears on CIPA-certified online Canadian pharmacy websites



Ordering Xifaxan from My Drug Center

Ordering from My Drug Center can save patients up to 80% on prescriptions like Xifaxan. As a certified Canadian pharmacy, My Drug Center offers competitive pricing on Xifaxan and other medications, making it an affordable option for patients needing alternatives to traditional pharmacies.

My Drug Center ensures that all medications are sourced from licensed, reputable suppliers and lists them transparently on each ordering page (as seen below), guaranteeing safety and authenticity. We have pharmacists on staff as well as a customer service team that can guide you through the ordering process.


Xifaxan order page on MyDrugCenter


Placing an order is simple:

  • Go to the My Drug Center website and search for Xifaxan
  • Choose your prescribed dosage and quantity
  • Create your account to place an order (this takes just a few minutes)
  • Send your prescription
  • Wait for your order to be conveniently delivered

Visit our homepage for more information or contact our customer service team if you have questions about ordering with My Drug Center.

DISCLAIMER: The information in the article is not meant to be used for treatment or diagnosis. It is designed for general awareness and for information purposes only. Always consult a medical professional for your specific healthcare needs.