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Xifaxan 550 mg Cost With & Without Insurance

Thursday 21 December 2023
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Table of Contents

I. Xifaxan 550 mg Cost with Insurance

II. Xifaxan 550 mg Cost Without Insurance

III. Ordering Xifaxan from Canadian Pharmacies

IV. Order Xifaxan from My Drug Center Today

Xifaxan is a popular prescription medication for treating traveler’s diarrhea and other gastrointestinal conditions. But because of its brand-name status, it also comes at a premium price. Xifaxan 550 mg cost is prohibitive for many individuals who need it, even for those with insurance. Xifaxan 550 mg cost without insurance is even higher, and impossible for many to pay.

Fortunately, there are other options. In this guide, we’ll explore factors that impact the cost of Xifaxan 550 mg both with and without insurance, plus more affordable options for your next prescription.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Xifaxan is usually covered by private insurance and Medicare, but the extent of coverage varies.
  • Because it’s a preferred brand-name drug, Xifaxan is classified as Tier 5 on drug formularies.
  • This means it comes with higher co-pays, which can reach hundreds of dollars in some cases.
  • Some insurance plans also have quantity limits or require prior authorization for Xifaxan.
  • Without insurance, Xifaxan costs about $2200 (on average) on U.S. retail markets.
  • Ordering Xifaxan from a Canadian online pharmacy is a more affordable option for U.S. patients.

Xifaxan 550 mg Cost with Insurance

Navigating insurance coverage for Xifaxan, a crucial medication for specific gastrointestinal conditions, can be complex, as policies vary widely across different insurers and Medicare plans. Generally, Xifaxan is covered under many private insurance plans and Medicare Part D, but the extent of coverage differs.

For Medicare and private insurance holders, coverage for Xifaxan depends on the plan's formulary, which categorizes medications into different tiers. Xifaxan is typically placed in Tier 5 due to its brand-name status and cost, leading to higher co-pays of around 30% retail cost. With an average U.S. cost of $2200 for a single prescription, out-of-pocket costs for Xifaxan with insurance are around $660.

Overview of a typical 5-tier drug formulary


Keep in mind that this does not include deductible costs, which can be hundreds of dollars and are paid out-of-pocket by the patient before insurance kicks in. Some plans may impose quantity limits or require prior authorization, necessitating a demonstration of medical necessity by the prescribing physician.

Understanding individual policy details, including formulary placement and any additional requirements is crucial for patients. It's advisable for patients to consult with your insurance providers and review your plan specifics to gauge the exact coverage and cost implications for Xifaxan. This enables better financial planning and smoother access to Xifaxan when you need it.

Xifaxan 550 mg Cost without Insurance

The cost of Xifaxan 550 mg without insurance can be significantly high—as mentioned before, the average U.S. retail price for a single prescription of Xifaxan is approximately $2,200, a substantial amount for a medication that may be needed regularly.

Image showing the average price of Xifaxan at approximately $2200 at U.S. pharmacies


The lack of insurance coverage means patients bear the entire cost, which can be burdensome, especially for those requiring long-term treatment. This high cost affects patients in negative ways, from forcing them to prioritize their medication over other essential expenses, or even motivating them to skip their prescriptions and deal with adverse symptoms.

Generic alternatives, which are typically more affordable, are not widely available for Xifaxan, further limiting cost-saving options for patients. Patients without insurance can consider various strategies such as manufacturer discounts, coupons, or patient assistance programs, but these often come with certain limitations that exclude many.

In short: Xifaxan 550 mg cost without insurance is totally prohibitive for many individuals, leaving them either unable to access the medication at all, or sacrificing other life needs.

Ordering Xifaxan from Canadian Pharmacies

For many patients in the U.S. struggling with the high cost of Xifaxan 550 mg, ordering from Canadian online pharmacies presents a viable and cost-effective alternative. Canadian pharmacies offer a significant price advantage due to their regulated drug pricing policies, often providing the same exact medications at a substantially lower cost compared to U.S. drug prices.

At My Drug Center, for example, generic Xifaxan 550 mg is available for just $169 for a quantity of 100 pills, vs. the $2,200 cost for half that quantity in the U.S.

My Drug Center


Follow these steps to safely order Xifaxan from a Canadian online pharmacy:

1.   Find a Reputable Pharmacy

The first step is to identify a reputable Canadian pharmacy. Patients should look for pharmacies accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), which ensures that the pharmacy meets high safety and quality standards.

2.   Be Sure You Have a Valid Prescription

Reputable Canadian pharmacies always require a valid prescription from your U.S.-based healthcare provider. This is necessary to meet legal requirements for ordering medicine from Canada to the U.S. Be ready to provide your prescription to your Canadian online pharmacy during the ordering process.

3.   Navigate the Ordering Process

Ordering from Canadian pharmacies typically involves a straightforward online process. Most Canadian pharmacies have an online system where patients can submit their prescription and order details, and some (like My Drug Center) also offer a by-phone option. Take time to understand the ordering process (including shipping times) before you complete it.

4.   Plan Accordingly for Shipping Timeframes

After placing an order for Xifaxan from a Canadian pharmacy, patients should expect a delivery time of a few weeks. It’s important to plan accordingly for this timeframe to avoid interruption to your medication schedule.

5.   Legal Considerations

While importing prescription drugs from Canada is legal, it comes with certain parameters. There are quantity limits for many medications (i.e. you can’t order in bulk, typically defined as more than a 90-day supply), and you need a valid prescription.

Drugs must be FDA approved (Xifaxan is, so that’s not a concern in this case). State-level laws may also apply, so check with your state’s pharmacy board to ensure you’re staying compliant.

By opting for Canadian pharmacies, U.S. patients can access Xifaxan at more manageable costs. This route, however, requires careful consideration of legal and safety aspects, and patients are advised to conduct thorough research and talk to their healthcare provider before ordering.

Order Xifaxan from My Drug Center Today

Ordering Xifaxan from My Drug Center is safe and easy. We have licensed pharmacists on staff to answer your medication-related questions, and our customer service team is available seven days a week to help with the ordering process. We help customers save up to 80% on their prescriptions every day.

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