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What is Spiriva Respimat?

Spiriva Respimat is a prescription inhaler that was FDA-approved in 2004 to:

  • Treat bronchospasms and reduce exacerbations in adults with COPD
  • Treat asthma in patients 12 years and older

Spiriva is a daily maintenance treatment, not an emergency rescue inhaler. However, by using Spiriva regularly as prescribed, you can significantly improve your lung function and quality of life. You may find yourself needing your fast-acting rescue inhaler less often, but you should always have one on hand for emergencies. 

If you have COPD or asthma, ask your doctor whether adding Spiriva Respimat to your treatment plan might help. When filling the prescription, consider using a reputable online Canadian pharmacy like My Drug Center to save on prescription costs.

Spiriva Respimat contains a liquid medicine called tiotropium bromide that is delivered through an inhaler.

When you inhale Spiriva Respimat, the tiotropium bromide blocks a chemical messenger in your body called acetylcholine from attaching to certain receptors in your airways known as muscarinic receptors. This prevents your airway muscles from tightening up, which opens your airways, making it easier to breathe. Spiriva Respimat's effects can last up to 24 hours after inhaling a dose.

Spiriva Respimat Side Effects

Spiriva can cause side effects in some people. These side effects depend on whether you're taking Spiriva for asthma or COPD. If any of these side effects persist or become bothersome, it's important to let your doctor know.

If you take Spiriva for asthma, common side effects include:

  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinus infection

If you take Spiriva for COPD, common side effects include:

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Dry mouth
  • Sinus infection

How to Use Spiriva Respimat

If you're using your Spiriva Respimat inhaler for the first time or haven't used it in a while, it's crucial to prime the device before taking a dose. This ensures that your inhaler is working properly.

To prime your inhaler, follow these steps:

  • Begin by pointing your inhaler towards the ground, ensuring that the mouthpiece is facing away from you.
  • Press on the dose-release button until you see a spray being released.
  • If you have a new Spiriva Respimat or haven't used yours in 21 days, repeat this process a total of 4 times. However, if you haven't used your inhaler for more than 3 days, you only need to do this process once.

Once you have primed your inhaler, it is ready to be used. Follow these steps for taking a dose:

  • Hold the inhaler in a vertical position.
  • Twist the clear base of the inhaler in the direction indicated by the arrows on the inhaler until you hear a click.
  • Flip open the blue cap of the inhaler.
  • Exhale fully away from the inhaler.
  • Position your mouth on the mouthpiece, creating a seal with your lips. Make sure you do not cover the vents on the side of the mouthpiece.
  • While inhaling slowly and deeply, press the dose release button and continue breathing in.
  • Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds to allow the medication to be absorbed.
  • Repeat these steps if you need another dose.


What is Spiriva Respimat?

Spiriva Respimat is an FDA-approved long-term maintenance inhaler for treating symptoms of COPD and asthma. It must be taken daily to keep your airways open even when you're not actively experiencing symptoms.

How long does it take for Spiriva to work?

The initial effects of Spiriva can be felt an hour after taking a dose. However, the full benefits take four to eight weeks of regular use to manifest.

Can Spiriva replace my rescue inhaler?

No, Spiriva is a long-term maintenance inhaler. It does not work fast enough to be a rescue inhaler. While taking Spiriva, it’s crucial to have a rescue inhaler on hand for emergencies.

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