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The History of Tecfidera

Wednesday 25 March 2020
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Who Makes Tecfidera?

Tecfidera's Debut

Tecfidera is a breakthrough drug designed to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) that was released in 2013. As one of just a few oral medications for MS and the best-selling oral MS drug in the U.S., Tecfidera generated more than $4 billion in sales in 2018 alone. But who makes Tecfidera, when was it invented, and how is it used today? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Tecfidera.

Who Makes Tecfidera?

Tecfidera is manufactured by Biogen, the 24th largest pharmaceutical company as of 2019. [1] Biogen is an American biotechnology corporation that specializes in neuroscience. The company is currently headquartered in Cambridge, Mass.

Biogen was founded in 1978 in Geneva, Switzerland by a group of scientists and venture capitalists. Just two years later, one of Biogen's founders was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work in DNA sequencing. In 1982, the company opened its new headquarters in Massachusetts, where it would soon launch its first manufacturing facilities.

In 1998, Biogen was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the United States' highest honor for technological achievement. After merging with the California-based pharmaceutical company IDEC Pharmaceuticals in 2003, Biogen became the third-largest biotechnology company in the world.

Today, Biogen employs nearly 8,000 people worldwide and earned more than $14 billion in revenue in 2019. In addition to Tecfidera, Biogen manufactures several other noteworthy drugs, many of which are also used to treat MS. These include Avonex, Plegridy and Tysabri.

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Tecfidera's Debut

Tecfidera 240 mg and 120 mg were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 and became commercially available later that year. As NPR reported in 2013, Tecfidera was soon on track to become a blockbuster drug and generated $286 million in sales during its first quarter on the market. [2]

In 2017, Biogen dominated the global market for multiple sclerosis medications with a market share of 38 percent. Although no generic version of Tecfidera is currently available at the time of writing, Biogen's patent for the drug became open for challenge in 2017, and one generic medication was granted tentative approval in October 2019.

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