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Tecfidera Generic

Tecfidera is a brand-name prescription drug used to treat symptoms of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Currently, a generic version of Tecfidera is not available. Several factors, like active patents, prevent Tecfidera from going generic. In the meantime, there are ways you can fill your prescription for Tecfidera at significant discounts. One of the best ways to get affordable Tecfidera is through an online Canadian pharmacy like My Drug Center. Tecfidera contains the active ingredient dimethyl fumarate. It is available in two dosage strengths of 120 mg and 240 mg.

What is Tecfidera Used For?

As mentioned above, Tecfidera is indicated for the treatment of MS symptoms. Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition in which the immune system attacks the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells. Relapsing-remitting MS occurs when symptoms show up from time to time. Tecfidera belongs to the drug class of NRF2 (nuclear factor erythroid-2- factor 2) activators. This MS medication is thought to work by causing the body to produce certain proteins that aid in reducing body inflammation and oxidative stress.

Tecfidera is known for several common side effects, including but not limited to:

  • Flushing (facial redness)
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Itchy skin

If you experience severe side effects like decreased vision, mental state changes, fever, liver problems, or weakness, see your doctor for help right away.


Tell your doctor about any conditions involving a low white blood cell count before taking Tecfidera. This is important because Tecfidera may lead to a serious viral infection in the brain, which is a life-threatening condition. If you begin experiencing problems with your speech or motor skills, seek medical attention immediately.

Tecfidera Cost

Tecfidera can be an expensive medication, costing patients approximately 20 to 30 thousand dollars yearly. With no generic option to reduce costs, treatment with Tecfidera can be financially overwhelming. To help lower the cost of treatment, My Drug Center offers considerably lower prices on this medication.

Buying Tecfidera Online

By signing up for an online pharmacy like My Drug Center, you will have better access to cheaper Tecfidera compared to your local U.S. pharmacy. Buying your medication online has various other advantages as well, including direct-to-your-door shipping to help save time.

Tecfidera from Canada

My Drug Center is able to bring you lower prices on Tecfidera by sourcing this medication from reputable fulfillment centers in countries like Canada. Thousands of Americans have already switched from their local pharmacy and now fill their prescription online. You can get Tecfidera from Canada safely and securely through My Drug Center.

Tecfidera Dosage

Always refer to your doctor's instructions when it comes to dosing. As mentioned above, Tecfidera is available in two dosage strengths: 120 mg and 240 mg. Your doctor will consider many factors when determining the right dosage strength for you. Every patient is different, but there are some general dosage guidelines.

Tecfidera 120 mg

Treatment with Tecfidera usually starts with a prescription of 120 mg twice a day for one week. Starting on the lower dosage gives your body time to adjust to the medication. Since the 120 mg dosage strength has a lower risk of side effects, it is often preferred, even after the initial 7-day treatment period.

Tecfidera 240 mg

After the first week of treatment with Tecfidera 120 mg, your doctor may up your dosage to 240 mg. This stronger dose is typically used for maintenance in the long term. Generally, patients taking Tecfidera 240 mg will take it twice a day. If this stronger dose causes adverse effects, your doctor may temporarily reduce your dosage to 120 mg.


How much does Tecfidera cost?

At My Drug Center, a supply of Tecfidera 120 mg costs in the low hundreds, but your local pharmacy will likely charge five times as much. The high cost of Tecfidera in the United States has prompted thousands of Americans to turn to a Canadian pharmacy like My Drug Center.

What does Tecfidera do?

Tecfidera helps to relieve the symptoms of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera may also help reduce the risk of future relapse.

How long does Tecfidera take to work?

Tecfidera's onset time varies for each patient. Generally, patients need to take Tecfidera for several months before there are noticeable improvements.

When was Tecfidera approved?

Tecfidera was first approved in the United States on March 27th, 2013, for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) in adults. The company who makes Tecfidera, Biogen, is a multinational American biotechnology company that was founded in 1978.

How does Tecfidera work?

Tecfidera works by minimizing inflammation as well as preventing nerve damage associated with MS, though it is unclear exactly how the medications does it. However, some recent studies have suggested that the medication may reduce immune activity independent of its actions on Nrf2 (a protein that prevents oxidative damage).

What are some common side effects of Tecfidera?

Common side effects may include stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea. Tecfidera is also known to cause flushing, redness, and a rash. Speak to your doctor if any side effect becomes unmanageable.

How should I take Tecfidera?

You should take Tecfidera exactly the way your doctor has prescribed it to you. Do not take more or less of a dose than directed. Take your dose by swallowing the capsule whole.

What happens if I stop taking Tecfidera?

Stopping Tecfidera does not cause side effects, but it may lead to worsened symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about stopping Tecfidera.

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