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Zovirax Eye Ointment is an antiviral medication made up of a drug called acyclovir. We carry the brand choice of this medication in 3%.

Zovirax Eye Ointment is used to treat eye infections caused by herpes. This is a condition is caused by herpes simplex (HSV-1 and HSV-2) virus and causes an ulcer or inflammation on the clear surface of the eye, called the cornea. This is the same virus that causes cold sores, which is herpes located on the lips.

Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir) is effective at treating eye infections caused by herpes because it is able to prevent further growth of the virus on the cornea, which helps the immune system fight the infection easier.

Use this medication exactly the way it has been prescribed to you by your doctor. If you can’t remember how your doctor wanted you to use this medication, you can find directions on your prescription bottle. If you are still unsure how to use this medication, contact your doctor.

You should apply this medication every 4 hours; it is recommended to apply this ointment at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, and 11pm. After your eye has visibly gotten better; continue using the medication for another 3 days (72 hours). When applying this medication, ensure you do not touch the tip of the tube on any part of your eye.

To apply the ointment to the eye

1.       Wash your hands

2.       Gently pull down the lower eye lid (of the affected eye) with your finger

3.       Tilt your head slightly backwards and look up

4.       Apply 1cm (about half an inch) of ointment to the inside of your lower eyelid

5.       Close your eye for half a minute (30 seconds)

6.       Wash your hands again

Do not use Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir)

Do not use this medication if you are allergic to acyclovir or valacyclovir. There may also be in-active ingredients in this medication; tell your doctor about all drug allergies before starting this medication.

Dose adjustment or special precautions may be required

Before using Zovirax Eye Ointment, tell your doctor if you wear contact lenses.

Tell your doctor about all medications you are currently taking. This includes prescription medication, over the counter medications, and herbal supplements.


If you do wear contact lenses, you should not wear them during the time of application of the ointment.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding; consult your doctor before use.

You may experience blurred vision for a short while after applying the ointment. You should avoid driving or doing other hazardous activities until you understand how this medication affects you.

Common side effects of Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir) may include:

  • Irritation or feeling like something is in your eye;
  • mild stinging immediately after applying the ointment; or
  • swollen, runny eyes

The above side effects should not alarm you.

Rare side effects of Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir) may include:

  • Swollen eyelids; or

allergic reaction: sneezing and an itchy, runny or blocked nose (allergic rhinitis), itchy, red, or watering eyes (conjunctivitis), wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, a raised itchy, red rash (hives) or swollen lips, tongue, eyes or face.

If you have any of the above side effects or signs of complications, contact your doctor right away.

Please note this is not a complete list of side effects. Not everyone experiences side effects; they are not guaranteed. If you do have side effects and they become unmanageable, consult your doctor about alternate medications.

How should I store this medication?

Store this medication at room temperature in a low risk area of heat, moisture, and light.

How long after opening the tube do I have to use it?

After opening the medication, you should dispose of it after 30 days have passed.

Can children use this medication?

Children who are at least 2 years old may use this medication if advised by a doctor. The safety and effectiveness of this medication in those younger than 2 have not been established.

What should I avoid while using Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir)?

Smoking tobacco products or consuming alcohol may affect the way this medication works. Discuss with your doctor about what you should avoid.

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