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What is Viibryd used for?

Viibryd is a medication that is prescribed to treat depression. Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is different from the mood fluctuations that people regularly experience as a part of life, and it can affect adults, adolescents, and children. This medication may improve your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level and may help restore your interest in daily living.

You can buy Viibryd online at My Drug Center. We have the Viibryd generic, called Vilazodone, available for purchase as well.


How does Viibryd work?

Viibryd is an oral medication that contains the active ingredient Vilazodone. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and partial serotonin receptor agonist. The Vilazodone dosage in this medication works by helping restore the balance of the neurotransmitter called serotonin, which is a natural substance in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter that has an influence on your moods. Stopping the action of the reuptake (absorption) of it allows more of it to circulate in your brain.

Before taking Viibryd or the Vilazodone generic, read all the instructions and paper work that given to you by your pharmacist. Take your Viibryd dosage orally once a day. Make sure you take it at the same time each day to create a routine for yourself and to ensure an even spread of the Vilazodone dosage in your system. This medication should be taken on a regular basis to have optimal results. The Viibryd dosage that you take will depend on your condition and your age. Take this medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not change or increase your dose.

This drug may make you dizzy. Alcohol or marijuana (cannabis) can make you dizzier. Avoid operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle, or performing other dangerous activities until you know how Viibryd affects you. The drug can cause sleepiness and may worsen your ability to make decisions, think clearly, or react quickly. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Talk to your doctor if you are using marijuana (cannabis).

Some common Viibryd side effects include:

Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or decrease in sex drive, insomnia, sleepiness or fatigue, weight gain or weight loss, joint pain, dry mouth, dizziness, and headaches

If any side effects of Vilazodone become unmanageable speak with your doctor or pharmacist for help in managing any side effects. For any serious side effects that occur speak with your doctor right away for further treatment options.

What is Viibryd?

Viibryd is a medication used in the treatment towards depression. And it works towards improving your mood, sleep patterns, appetite, energy levels and may help restore your interest in daily life.


When will generic Viibryd be available?

Generic Viibryd is already available at an affordable price here at, in dosages of 20 mg and 40 mg. While a generic may not yet be available in the United States for several years, until then customers do at least have an alternate option to buy generic Viibryd online, provided they have a valid prescription from a licensed physician in their area.


How fast does Viibryd work?

Sleep, energy or appetite may show signs of improvement with the first 1 to 2 weeks.  Improvements in these areas are important early signals that the medication is indeed working. However depression and lack of interest in activities may need up to 6 to 8 weeks to fully improve.


How long do Viibryd side effects last?

It is known that many of the side effects can disappear within the first couple of weeks of taking this medication.


What are the most common side effects of Viibryd?

Some of the most common side effects for Viibryd are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, trouble sleeping, decreased interest in sex, or changes in sexual ability. And while these are the most common side effects, if they do persist or worsen, you should consult with your doctor. Do keep in mind that these are not all of the side effects listed for this medication. This is not a full list of side effects.


When to take Viibryd morning or night?

Most take this medication in the morning. However, you should follow your doctor’s orders exactly on when to take this medication. If you have any questions regarding this medication, it is best to consult your doctor.


How does Viibryd work?

Viibryd works to help restore the natural substance in your brain, known as serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter.  This will give you improvements in your mood, sleep, appetite, and overall energy levels.


How long does Viibryd stay in your system?

Viibryd can stay in your system for up to 140 hours after your last dose.


How do I know if Viibryd is working?

The best signs to see if your medication is working; is to see what is not working.  If you experience no signs of relief from your depressive symptoms or if your depression simply gets worse, then you should go and speak with your doctor regarding this medication and how it is affecting you.


What is the half life of Viibryd?

The terminal half-life is approximately 25 hours.


How much does Viibryd cost?

Viibryd is categorized as a tier 4 drug in the United States, which is determined by several factors such as: drug cost, availability, alternate drug options that are used for the same treatment, and a vareity of other factors. Even if you have insurance, the medication can be considered expensive in the United States, but there are alternate options where you can buy Viibryd online at affordable prices. Both the brand name and generic Viibryd are much more affordable in other countries around the world which can be accessed through a certified online Canadian Pharmacy. The generic Viibryd option is considered the most cost-effective.


How long has Viibryd been on the market?

Viibryd was approved for use on January 24th, 2011 to treat Major Depressive Disorder.

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