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What is Santyl Ointment (Collagenase) prescribed for?

A skin ulcer is an open wound that develops on the skin as a result of a injury, poor blood circulation or pressure. They can take a very long time to heal, and if left untreated they can become infected and cause a variety of medical complications. Ulcers can form on any part of the body, but they are most common on the legs, mouth, hips, and bottom.

Collagenase is an enzyme. Which is a natural substance needed by the body to help break down particles on your body. Basically this medication is used to help the healing of burns and skin ulcers. And it generally works by helping to break up dead skin and tissue. Which is an effect that may help antibiotics work better and speed up your body’s natural healing process.

Read up on any information your doctor may have given your regarding this medication. And if you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your doctor or pharmacist when possible. And to be sure this medication is helping your condition; visit your doctor regularly.

This medication is for use on the skin only.  And it is usually applied once a day or as directed to you by your doctor.

To apply, first thing you must do is wash your hands. Then clean the area as directed to you, cleaning solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, normal saline, or Dakin's solution may be used. If you doctor has chosen you to use a antibiotic power, apply it first before the medication.

Use a wooden spoon or a gauze pad to carefully apply the Collagenase ointment direction to the affected area. Make sure to bandage it securely. If you have any questions regarding how to applyt his medication, consult your doctor first.


Before taking this medication, it is best to advise your doctor if you are allergic Collagenase; or to any other medications or allergies in general. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems.

It is best to inform your doctor of your medical history. Therefore, it is best to speak with your doctor if you have ever had a medical issue.

Avoid using solutions that contain acid or metal as soaking liquids because these will decrease the effect of collagenase ointment (see also Drug Interactions section).

Side Effects

While minor, some of these side effects may occur. They are as follows; Pain or a burning feeling at the affected area may occur. Temporary redness/irritation may also occur in the skin around the affected area. However if any of these persist or worsen, it’s best to speak with your doctor right away. To avoid redness/irritation in the surrounding skin, be careful to apply the ointment only within the affected area.

Treatment of burns and skin ulcers by breaking up and removing dead skin and tissue may rarely increase the risk for serious infection (sepsis). Tell your doctor right away if you notice any symptoms of serious infection, including: fever/chills, fast breathing (hyperventilation), fast heartbeat, warm skin, weakness.

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare. However, seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.


What is Collagenase Santyl ointment used for?

Santyl ointment, which contains an enzyme called Collagenase, is used to help speed up the healing process of wounds by removing dead tissue. It is commonly used for burns and skin ulcers, including severe burns and chronic skin ulcers. A burn is damage to the skin caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, or radiation and commonly leaves a red, painful, and dry burn site, sometimes with blisters. A skin ulcer may form after an injury occurs if there is insufficient blood circulation and commonly appears as an open  wound with swelling, redness, tenderness, itchiness, pain, and changes in skin texture.


How to use Santyl ointment?

Use this medication on skin only; do not take this medication orally or use it on areas of skin that are not affected. Do not allow this medication to get in or around your eyes. Before applying the medication, ensure you have cleaned the affected area first; gently cleanse the wound with sterile saline (or as directed by your doctor). Apply the ointment directly on the wounds; the thickness of the ointment applied should be about 2mm, or about the thickness of a nickel. Cover the affected area after applying the ointment; if your wound is dry, you may want to use saline moistened gauze. Ensure you change the bandaging daily, or as directed by your doctor. If you are unsure how to use this ointment, speak with your doctor before proceeding with treatment.

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