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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips are used in devices meant for monitoring blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.  The tests strips are small disposable plastic strips which play a significant role in appropriately monitor and control diabetes. These strips are what the blood is dropped onto in order for the glucose meter to read and decipher what the blood sugar is.

These OneTouch Ultra Test Strips are effective at testing blood due to the very thin coat of gold, which is cut into a pattern that becomes the strip’s circuit. One end of the strip soaks up your blood using a coating of chemicals that turn the sugar into electricity. From there, the electrical signal travels from the strip into the meter.

We carry the regular testing strips as well as the ultra testing strips. The ultra testing strips have proven accuracy due to the DoubleSure Technology that automatically checks each blood sample twice.

How to use a test strip

To check blood sugar levels, you:

1. Put a test strip in your blood glucose meter.

2. Prick your fingertip with the tiny meter's needle, also known as a lancet.

3. Squeeze out a drop of blood and touch it with the edge of the test strip.

4. Within seconds, your blood sugar reading should appear on the meter.

Make sure you are not reusing the test strips.


To make sure your test trip is accurate

  • Do not use damage strips
  • Do not use expired strips
  • Store strips away from heat, moisture, and humidity
  • Depending on the test strip brand, a new test strip box may need to be calibrated or coded to work properly.

Using the wrong type of testing strip

Using the wrong type of testing strips can lead to inaccurate results, no results, or a meter that won’t turn on; ensure you are using the correct testing strips for your device.

Other reasons your strip may be incorrect

You may find the meter giving wrong results if you didn’t wash your hands, temperature changes, an insufficient amount of blood on the testing strip, or wet fingers.

Side Effects

This product does not have any side effects as it is not a drug.


Do I need the testing strips in order to test my blood sugar levels?

Yes. Although they are small, they play a big part in testing blood sugar. Without the strips, there wouldn’t be a place to apply the blood, which would mean there would be no way to test the blood.

Do you need a prescription to purchase blood sugar testing strips?

No prescription is needed when ordering glucose testing strips.

How long are test strips usually good for?

Typically, testing strips are good for 3-6 months but ensure you refer to the box for the exact expiration date.

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