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Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement are tablets containing high levels of B vitamins, such as folic acid, niacin, B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-12, vitamin A,C,D, and E, and minerals such as zinc. Vitamins are essential for the body to function properly; keeping the vitamin level balanced can be difficult for those who have poor eating habits, problems that affect the body's ability to absorb nutrition from food, or those suffering from stress or illness. Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplements are used by those who have a vitamin deficiency.

Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplements are effective at treating these deficiencies because it is directly supplying the body with the missing vitamins.

Use this product exactly the way your health care provider as directed you too.

Take these supplement tablets with or without food. If medications usually upset your stomach; take with food. Swallow two tablets together once per day, with water.

Do not use Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement

Do not use this supplement if you have an iron deficiency; this medication contains no iron and will not help an iron deficiency.

This product is not recommended for those under the age of 12 years old.

Dose adjustment or special precautions may be required

Before using Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement, tell your doctor if you have high calcium levels, kidney disease, liver disease, or a low blood count, such as pernicious anemia, megaloblastic anemia, vitamin B-12 deficiency.


This medication should be used only when clearly needed in pregnant women.

Contact your doctor before breast feeding while using this product. This drug passes into breast milk.

Common side effects of Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement may include:

  • upset stomach; or
  • throwing up.

The above side effects should not alarm you.

Serious side effects of Ocuvite Multivitamin Supplement may include:

  • mental/mood changes; or
  • unusual weakness.

If you have any of the above side effects, contact your doctor right away.

Contact your doctor if you notice signs of…

an allergic reaction: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

Does this medication have any drug interactions?

Yes. A serious interaction may occur if Ocuvite is used with altretamine, cisplatin, or levodopa. There may be more drug interactions; speak with your doctor to learn more.

What if I miss a dose?

Take the miss dose as soon as you remember or skip it if your next dose is approaching soon. You should never double up on dosages to make up for a missed dose.

How should I store this medication?

Ensure the lid is tightly closed when not in use; store at room temperature away from light and moisture. Keep away from children and small pets.

What are signs of overdose?

If you suspect an overdose, contact 911 or poison control. Overdose symptoms may include passing out or troubles breathing.

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