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The Novofine Pen Needle is used for administering insulin into diabetes type 1 patients. Patients with this condition cannot naturally produce their own insulin and require insulin to be injected daily in order to keep the condition under control. The Novofine Pen Needle has been designed to be comfortable (minimizing pain and risk of intramuscular injection), strong (a unique needle design to reduce risk of needle breakage or bending), and fast for a quick and easy insulin injection.

Always check the flow before you begin to inject insulin. This helps to ensure you get your entire dose. Additional information on this can be made available by your doctor. If you are unsure how to inject insulin, ask your doctor for assistance.

How to attach the Novofine Pen Needle to your pen device

Step 1: Take a new needle and tear off the paper tab

Step 2: Push the needle straight onto the pen; turn the needle to tighten

Step 3: Pull the outer needle cap off and store it for later

Step 4: Pull off the inner needle cap; you may dispose of this piece, do not attempt to put it back on.

You are now ready to proceed with the injection!

If you are not ready to inject the insulin; do not take the cap off of the needle. Only proceed when you are ready to take the injection.

Do not re-cap the needle following injection. You may accidently harm yourself with the needle.

Avoid sharing this product with others, for protection against infections.

Keep this product out of reach of children.

This product has no side effects

Will this pen needle fit any pen device or only Novopens?

This pen needle currently fits all devices as well as some GLP-1 receptor agonist pens.

How do I know what needle size I need?

Your doctor should be able to determine the appropriate needle size for you. Consult your doctor before purchasing the Novofine Pen Needle.

What areas of the body should I inject insulin into?

The best areas are the thighs, abdomen (stomach), buttocks, or backs of the upper arms. Do not inject into the same area twice.

Is this product safe for kids?

Yes. This pen needle is appropriate for children.

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