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Known as Forziga internationally


What is Farxiga prescribed for?

Farxiga is a medication that is used in combination with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar levels in adults with Type 2 Diabetes, which is a common form of Diabetes. This medication is also used to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, or heart failure in adults with Type 2 diabetes who also have heart disease. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that occurs because your body doesn’t produce or use insulin normally.

You can buy Farxiga (Dapagliflozin) online at My Drug Center. We currently do not have the Dapagliflozin generic available for purchase.


How does Farxiga work?

Farxiga is an oral diabetes medicine that contains the active ingredient Dapagliflozin. Farxiga (Dapagliflozin) belongs in a class of drugs known as sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors. The Dapagliflozin dosage in this medicine helps control blood sugar levels by assisting the kidneys get rid of glucose from your bloodstream.

Before taking your prescribed Farxiga dosage read all the instructions and paper work that was given to you by your pharmacist. Take Farxiga orally once a day, it can be taken with or without food. Make sure you take Farxiga at the same time each day to create a routine for yourself and to ensure an even spread of the Dapagliflozin dosage in your system. This medication should taken on a regular basis to have optimal results. Do not change or increase your Farxiga dosage. You should continue taking this medication even if you feel well. 

A lifestyle change to include diet and exercise should be prescribed along with this medication to allow for more control over your blood sugar levels.


This medication may contain medical and non medical ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. Consult with your doctor about any known allergies before taking Farxiga. Speak with your doctor about any known medical conditions relating to kidney disease, bladder cancer, severe loss of body water, low blood pressure, heart failure, history of yeast infection. Tell your doctor about any current medications or supplementation to avoid interactions with Farxiga.

While taking Farxiga you may feel dizzy, drowsy or experience blurred vision. Avoid driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery until you feel it is safe. Alcohol and Cannabis can exasperate these side effects. Additionally you can speak with your doctor about acceptable limits for these substances while taking Farxiga.

Controlling your blood sugar levels can become more challenging under stress. Speak with your doctor if you are unable to avoid or control stress for help with additional treatment options. 

Side Effects

Farxiga side effects include:

Yeast infections of the vagina or penis, urinary tract infections, changes in urination (including urgent need to urinate more often, discomfort when urinating, urinating in larger amounts, or at night), sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, back pain, nausea, influenza, constipation, elevated cholesterol or fat in the blood, or pain in the extremities.

If any side effects of Dapagliflozin become unmanageable speak with your doctor or pharmacist for help in additional treatment. For any serious side effects speak with your doctor right away for further treatment options.


What is Farxiga?

Farxiga, which is known internationally as Forziga and Forxiga, is an oral tablet containing dapagliflozin. Each tablet contains either 5 or 10 mg of dapagliflozin, which can be purchased at My Drug Center with a valid prescription.


What class of drug is Farxiga?

Farxiga is made up of dapagliflozin, which belongs to the drug class called sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors.


What is Farxiga used for?

Farxiga is prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes to help control blood sugar levels that are too high.


What does Farxiga do?

Farxiga is able to keep blood sugar levels balanced by manipulating the actions of the kidneys so they do not disperse excess sugar into the bloodstream. Instead, the excess sugar will disperse into the urine, where it can be excreted out of the body.


How much does Farxiga cost?

 In the United States, Farxiga is considered a tier 3 medication and was only approved in 2014, making it a newer medication, with no generic alternative. This means that the typical cost for Farxiga is high; especially since there is a 50% chance your insurance will not cover it. The cost of Farxiga at My Drug Center is affordable; ranging from $2-$5 per pill, which is roughly more than 5 times cheaper than the average retail price per pill in the United States.

How long does it take for Farxiga to work?

The exact amount of time for the effects to become present will vary between each individual. Typically, it will begin working to reduce your blood sugar 2 hours following your initial dose. After about a week, the full benefit of the drug will likely be in effect.


How long does Farxiga stay in your system?

After taking your last Farxiga dose, it will take about 65 hours for the medication to clear out of your system, with a half life of about 13 hours.


What is the generic for Farxiga?

Unfortunately at this time there is no generic available for Farxiga. Even though there is not a cheaper generic alternative for Farxiga yet, there is an alternative to find Farxiga at an affordable price. When you buy Farxiga online at My Drug Center, you can access some of the most affordable prices available for this brand name medication.


Who makes Farxiga?

Farxiga was developed by Bristol Myers Squibb Company (an American pharmaceutical company) in partnership with AstraZeneca (a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company).


What are the side effects of Farxiga?

The most common side effect of Farxiga includes genital yeast infections, more frequent urination, sore throat, or a stuffy nose. Not all side effects of Farxiga have been listed here; the side effects mentioned are not guaranteed for every person taking Farxiga.


How to take Farxiga?

Take Farxiga by mouth once a day, with or without food. Most doctors also require patients to follow a diet and exercise program while taking Farxiga. You will need regular blood tests throughout treatment. If these guidelines are different from what your doctor has directed; take Farxiga exactly as prescribed by your doctor.


When to take Farxiga?

Your doctor will let you know before prescribing you Farxiga when the best time is to take your dose. In general, most patients take Farxiga in the morning.

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