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Epivir is an oral tablet made up of an NRTI (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors) called lamivudine. We also sell the oral solution form of Epivir at MyDrugCenter! This tablet is available in both the brand name and the generic alternative, sold as lamivudine, available in 100mg!

Epivir (Lamivudine) is a medication used with other similar medications, to help treat and control HIV infection. This is an infection transmitted through sexual activity (or skin-to-skin/blood-to-blood contact). Without medication, you may develop AIDs (a chronic and potentially life threatening condition) within a few years due to the weakening of your immune system caused by HIV.

This medication does not cure HIV or AIDs however it can drastically slow the progression of the disease. By using lamivudine, you may find an increase in quality of life and a decrease in complications. Lamivudine provides this relief by decreasing the amount of HIV in your body and reducing and preventing the speed of growth.

In order to get the full benefit and avoid adverse interactions and side effects, ensure to follow your doctors instructions very carefully.

You may take this medication with or without food; however it is directed by your doctor.

You may need to break a tablet in half for the treatment of HIV in a child. Speak with your doctor about children doses.

Store this medication at room temperature; ensure it is away from moisture, heat and children. Keep the lid tightly closed.

Developing lactic acidosis is a risk you take when taking Epivir. This is a dangerous build up of lactic acid in your blood. You are more at risk if you have other medical conditions, if you've taken HIV medication for a long time, or if you are a woman.

HIV infection can pass into an unborn baby if the mothers HIV is not controlled during pregnancy. Your health care association may want to keep tract of the side effects of your baby once your baby is born if you are  pregnant and taking this medication.

Avoid breast feeding if you have HIV infection. This infection can pass into a baby through breast milk.

If you have liver disease, pancreatitis, kidney dises, or diabetes, you may need a dose adjustment or may need to take special precautions while using Epivir. Speak with your doctor before proceeding to use this medication.

Make sure to tell your doctor about all drug allergies you have, most importantly, if you are allergic to lamivudine or emtricitabine and the products they are contained in.

Common side effects of Epivir (Lamivudine) may include:

·         nausea, diarrhea;

·         headache;

·         fever, tiredness, general ill feeling;

·         ear infection - ear pain or full feeling, trouble hearing, drainage from the ear, fussiness in a child; or

·         nose or throat infection - stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough.

The above side effects should not alarm you.

Serious side effects of Epivir (Lamivudine) may include:

·         trouble speaking or swallowing, problems with balance or eye movement, weakness or prickly feeling; or

·         swelling in your neck or throat (enlarged thyroid), menstrual changes, impotence.

If you have any of the above side effects, contact your doctor right away.

Signs to watch for:

a new infection - fever, night sweats, swollen glands, cold sores, cough, wheezing, diarrhea, weight loss.

pancreas problems - severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea and vomiting, fast heart rate.

liver problems - swelling around your midsection, right-sided upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).

lactic acidosis - unusual muscle pain, trouble breathing, stomach pain, vomiting, irregular heart rate, dizziness, feeling cold, or feeling very weak or tired.

What should I avoid while taking this medication?

Avoid alcoholic beverages as they can increase risk for liver problems and pancreatitis. Avoid breast feeding and pregnancy while on this medication.

Are there any tests I should get done while on Epivir?

Yes, kidney tests, liver tests, viral load, t-cell counts should be done periodically to monitor progress.

Will this medication prevent the spreading of HIV during sexual intercourse?

No. This medication won’t do anything when it comes to preventing the transmission of this disease. It also will not cure it. This medication is used solely to help minimize the symptoms and prevent further growth.

Is this safe for infants?

You may use Epivir in an infant as young as 2 years old. It is not approved for those under 2 years old.

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