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What is BuSpar?

BuSpar is an oral tablet made up of buspirone and is usually white or pink in color. We carry the generic alternative to BuSpar, which has the same active ingredient but instead of being called BuSpar, it’s just named after the active ingredient, buspirone. The generic alternative is just as effective but comes at a lower cost; available in 5mg and 10mg.

What is BuSpar used for?

Buspirone is used for anxiety and anxiety disorders. Anxiety happens when there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and causes one to have emotional and physical symptoms such as fear, tension, irritability, dizziness, pounding heartbeat, sweating, headaches, and upset stomach. Symptoms are similar to how one would react to a life threatening situation, only there is no real danger.

How does BuSpar work?

Buspirone works by increasing the action of serotonin in the brain as well as affecting other chemicals such as dopamine.

Follow instructions given to you by your doctor; they should also be available on your prescription/prescription bottle.

You may take this medication with or without food but ensure you do it the same way every time.

Swallow the tablet whole, or if the tablet is scored, break it evenly in half.

Store at room temperature. Keep away from moisture, heat and light.


Never take more or less of a dosage than directed. Do not stop taking this medication before consulting your doctor on how to do it properly.

Tell your doctor about all medications you are currently taking including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and herbal remedies. Also be sure to mention any drug allergies you may have.

It is essential you tell your doctor if you have ever had kidney or liver disease.

Do not use this medication if you have taken monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO) in the last 2 weeks (14 days). MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, and tranylcypromine.

BuSpar is not expected to harm and unborn baby however be sure to mention it to your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to be.

It is unknown if this medication passes into breast milk.

This product has not been FDA approved for those under 18.In some cases, BuSpar has been used in those under 18 under close medical supervision. Do not give BuSpar to a child without permission from your doctor.

Side Effects

Common side effects of BuSpar include:

headache; dizziness, drowsiness; sleep problems (insomnia); nausea, upset stomach; or feeling nervous or excited.

Side effect to mention to your doctor include:

chest pain; shortness of breath; or a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out.

Signs to watch for:

Allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.


What is buspirone HCL?

Buspirone HCL (hydrochloride) is an anti-anxiety drug belonging to the drug class called miscellaneous anxiolytics; it is the hydrochloride salt of buspirone. However; buspirone HCL, the hydrochloride salt of buspirone, is commonly referred to as just buspirone, to prevent confusion. Before buspirone is compressed into tablets, it is first made into its existing salt form. If it wasn’t first turned into its salt form, it would not dissolve or absorb into the body very well and would therefore cause the medication to be less effective – if effective at all. . It is commonly prescribed as an add-on with other medications, such as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), when treatment has been unsuccessful using only the one. The generic alternative for BuSpar can be purchased with a valid prescription at My Drug Center.


What is buspirone used for?

Buspirone is used for a mental disorder that causes persistent and irrational feelings of fear or apprehension; this disorder is called anxiety. Buspirone may be used for those who show symptoms of anxiety or those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, particularly generalized anxiety disorder. Using buspirone may help with symptoms that follow anxiety, such as fear, tension, irritability, dizziness, rapid or pounding heart beat, and other physical symptoms. By improving your anxiety and physical symptoms, you may find an improvement in quality of life and overall happiness. It may also be used for purposes not listed here.


How does buspirone work?

The exact mechanism of action of buspirone is unclear, but doctors do have an idea as to how it may work. Buspirone is thought to have an effect on neurotransmitters in the brain; this may include chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. It is believed that mental illnesses, like anxiety disorders, are greatly influenced by a lack of these important chemicals and their functions; BuSpar is thought to treat the disorder by increasing the actions of these chemicals.


How long does it take for BuSpar to work?

Anxiety is condition that cannot be treated overnight but can be significantly improved over time using medications like buspirone; it could take the medication up to 2 weeks for an initial effect to take place and upwards to 6 weeks for a full clinical effect to be felt.


How does BuSpar make you feel?

Side effects are unwanted sensations, moods, or urges you feel in addition to the desired effect of the drug; almost all medications pose the risk of side effects. Side effects of BuSpar may include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, sleep problems, nausea, upset stomach, or feeling excited or nervous. You may not experience all of the listed side effects and you may also experience ones not listed here. If side effects become unmanageable or do not go away, speak with your doctor.


How long does BuSpar stay in your system?

Buspirone (BuSpar) stays in the system for approximately 12.5 hours, which is about half a day. Most medications remain in the system for 5 half-lives.


How long does BuSpar last?

Buspirone (BuSpar) is a medication that is taken daily for several months to one year; because it is taken 2-3 times per day, a consistent amount of the drug will remain in your system. Once you begin feeling the effects of the medication, as long as you continue to follow your doctor’s directions on how to take BuSpar properly, you should continue to feel relief for the entirety of treatment. Some patients may find their anxiety comes back after treatment ends, but for others, treatment can permanently resolve the anxiety disorder.


How long do BuSpar side effects last?

Side effects usually occur while your body adjusts to the new medication; it could take a few weeks for your body to adjust to BuSpar. Some patients have reported side effects going away after the second week of treatment, but the exact amount of time may vary between each individual.


What time of day should I take BuSpar?

Your doctor will let you know how often to take BuSpar and when to take each dose; it is important to follow your doctor’s directions carefully. Generally, buspirone (BuSpar) is taken 2-3 times per day; each dose should be taken at evenly spaced intervals. If you take 2 daily doses, your doctor may suggest taking one in the morning and one in the evening, each 12 hours apart. If you take 3 daily doses, your doctor may suggest taking one in the morning, afternoon, and evening, all 8 hours apart.


How much BuSpar can I take?

When prescribing the medication to you, your doctor will go over how to take buspirone; this includes how much you can take for each dose. Only your doctor can determine how much of the drug you should take. It will also depend on how far along in treatment you are, as most doctors will gradually increase your dose over time until clinic effects are reached. The average starting dose is 15mg per day in two divided doses of 7.5mg; this dose may be increased by 5mg every few days, as needed, up to a max dose of 60mg per day in three divided doses of 20mg. The most common dose for clinic effects is 15-30mg per day in divided doses.


What does buspirone look like?

Buspirone, the active ingredient found inside BuSpar, is a white crystalline powder; when compressed into generic BuSpar tablets, the appearance can greatly vary as there are many generic manufacturers marketing their own forms. Generic buspirone tablets can be capsule-shaped, oval, round, rectangle, or barrel shaped, and can be white, pink, yellow, or orange. There are tons of different combinations of shapes and colors when purchasing the generic form.


What does BuSpar look like?

BuSpar, the brand name medication containing buspirone, was commonly barrel, rectangle, or oval shaped and white or pink in color, usually with a score line. However, the brand-name medication is no longer available on the market; only generic tablets are obtainable.


How long can you take BuSpar?

Doctors generally prescribe Buspirone (BuSpar) for several months to one year. However, there may be some situations where doctors prescribe it for longer or shorter. In general, this medication is not used for longer than one consecutive year. Only your doctor can determine the appropriate length of time you can safely and effectively use the medication for.


What is the half-life of BuSpar?

The half life of BuSpar is roughly 2.5 hours; the half life of a medication measures the amount of time it takes for 50% of the drug to clear the system.


How much does BuSpar cost?

At My Drug Center, the cost for generic BuSpar will vary depending on strength and quantity; we carry tablets for as low as $13.00 for a supply of 30 tablets, which equals to about $0.43 per tablet. To order, all you need is a valid prescription.


Who makes BuSpar?

The brand-name medication (BuSpar) was manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb, an American pharmaceutical company. It was first made available on the market in 1986, nearly 35 years ago, and has since been discontinued. It was determined that it was not due to reasons of safety or effectiveness. However, BuSpar is available as a generic alternative, sold as buspirone; there are many generic manufacturers that market buspirone, such as Mylan Pharmaceuticals.


How effective is BuSpar?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research studies have shown that BuSpar is just as effective as the popular brand-name medication Xanax – while posing fewer side effects as an additional benefit. In general, this medication is effective at treating anxiety; however, because all of our bodies work differently, buspirone (BuSpar) may not work for everyone.


What is BuSpar similar to?

BuSpar is an anti-anxiety medication and because its mechanism of action is unclear, it belongs to a drug class called miscellaneous anxiolytics. Some other miscellaneous anxiolytics used for anxiety include Sinequan and Silenor which are brand-name medications made up of doxepin; or Hyzine, Vistaril, and Atarax which are brand-name medications made up of hydroxyzine. However, there are other medications of different drug classes you may want to consider; such as Xanax (alprazolam), a benzodiazepine; Lexapro (escitalopram), a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; or Cymbalta (duloxetine), a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. All of these medications can be prescribed to help with anxiety.


How to pronounce buspirone?

It may be important to know how to pronounce the medication that you are taking, such as when having certain medical tests that may be affected by the medication. The proper pronunciation of buspirone is as follows; BUE – SPYE – RONE.

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