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Boniva Injection is made up of ibandronate (a bisphosphonate medicine) that comes in tablet form for oral administration. We carry both the generic and brand choice (Boniva Injection) of ibandronate. The generic version may have a different appearance and price but they are both made up of the same active ingredient (ibandronate) and both are available in 3mg/3ml doses.

Boniva Injection is prescribed when bones become thinner and break more easily, this condition is medically known as Osteoporosis. This condition can occur to anyone as they age, but is most commonly seen in women who have experienced menopause. It can also occur when a person uses corticosteroid medications for too long.

Ibandronate works by altering bone formation and breakdown in the body, this creates bone loss to become less rapid and also helps prevent bone fractures. Ibandronate reduces the chance of having a spinal fracture by increasing bone mass.

This medication can only be injected by a health care professional; do NOT attempt to inject yourself with Boniva

Your health care professional will clean the injection site and inject the Boniva into a vein for 15-30 seconds. You will need to do this every 3 months, or as directed by your doctor.

Tell your doctor about all medications you are currently taking including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and herbal remedies. Also be sure to mention any drug allergies you may have.

Boniva injections can cause a decrease in calcium levels. If you have low calcium, make sure it has been treated before proceeding to use Boniva injections (and other Boniva forms).

If you have ever had severe kidney disease or jawbone problems, inform your doctor before taking Boniva injections.

If you plan on having surgery, including dental surgeries, make sure you let whomever it may concern (doctor or dentist) know you are on Boniva.

Please note it is unknown whether or not Boniva injections can harm an unborn baby or a breast feeding infant. Consult your doctor to learn about the risks.

Common side effects include headache, flu-like symptoms (such as fever, chills, tiredness, joint/muscle ache), or injection site reactions (such as redness, swelling).

Serious side effects include increased or severe bone/joint/muscle pain, new or unusual hip/thigh/groin pain, jaw pain, vision changes, and signs of kidney problems (such as change in the amount of urine).

Common symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • sneezing and an itchy, runny or blocked nose (allergic rhinitis)
  • itchy, red, watering eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and a cough.
  • a raised, itchy, red rash (hives)
  • swollen lips, tongue, eyes or face.

What is the best way to store this medication?

Keep this medication stored at room temperature. Keep Boniva in an area not accessible by children or pets.

What else can I do to help Boniva help my bones?

Ensure you have a healthy lifestyle; exercise, limited alcohol, no nicotine, well-balanced meals (that contain calcium and vitamin D) and overall good hygiene.

Is this only for women (suffering from osteoporosis after menopause)?

Although that is the main use of Boniva, it is not the only use. Anyone suffering from osteoporosis could potentially be prescribed Boniva.

Can my underage child use Boniva?

It is not recommended as it has not yet been established if Boniva is effective or safe for use in children.

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