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The BD Ultra Fine Lancets provide up to 50% less pain than competing lancets. They have been designed for easy use and provide top quality and comfort. Each box consists of 100 lances.  The barrel has been designed to fit many different devices and comes with a pull top design.

Lancets are used to prick the skin in order to draw blood to test blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

The BD Ultra Fine Lancets come in both 30G and 33G (thinnest needle).

  1. Wash and dry hands to prevent spreading of bacteria
  2. To minimize discomfort, select fingertip site slightly off-center
  3. Remove lancet cap
  4. With firm motion, quickly puncture the skin
  5. Apply blood to test strip, wipe fingertip with dry cotton ball or a soft tissue, and hold your finger over puncture site until bleeding stops
  6. Place used lancet in a sealable puncture proof container.

Do not use the lancet for multiple people. Each person using a lancet should have their own.

Contents contain small parts.  Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

The lancet itself carries no side effects however the insulin you use could cause:

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)             


Flu-like symptoms         

Weight gain

More serious side effects;

Severe hypoglycemia   

Allergic reactions


What is the best device to use the BD Ultra-Fine Lancets with?

Although many devices will work, it is best paired with other BD products such as the BD Ultra Fine Syringe.

What other devices are compatible with this one?

This product can be used with; BD™ Lancet Device, Microlet®, Microlet® 2, iBGStar™, OneTouch® UltraSmart®, ReliOn® Confirm, Autole®t Impression, Autolet Lite®, Autolet® Mini, FreeStyle®, Penlet®, and Soft Touch™ and Medisense®

Where can I ask further questions about this product?

BD Consumer Healthcare: 888-232-2737

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