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Adcirca, also known as tadalafil, is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5 inhibitor) and comes in tablet form for oral administration. It is anywhere from white to orange in color and comes in 20MG doses.

Adcirca is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as improve exercise capacity. This is when you have high blood pressure in the main artery that carries blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs. When the little blood vessels in your lungs start to resist the flow of blood, the right ventricle (right side of heart) has to then work harder in order to pump a sufficient amount of blood through the lungs. This is when tadalafil increases the supply of blood and eases the effort of pumping blood by working on the PDE5 enzyme and relaxing the blood vessels.

Since this medication increases blood flow, it can also be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Always follow directions given by your doctor.

Ascirca is usually taken once a day and can be taken with or without food. Sometimes two 20MG tablets are needed for a full dose; take one after the other and do not split the dose.

If you are currently taking Cialis, do not take Ascirca.

Use this brand of tadalafil only if your doctor has specifically prescribed it to you.

Store at room temperature.


Do not take Adcirca if you are using a nitrate medicine or recreational nitrate. Below is a list of what to avoid;

Itroglycerin; isosorbide dinitrate; isosorbide mononitrate; amyl nitrate; butyl nitrate and;   nitrite ("poppers")

Avoid using nitrate drugs within 3 days (longer if you have liver or kidney disease) of taking tadalafil.

Do not breastfeed if you are using Adcirca.

Do not use this product if you are under the age of 18.

Side Effects

Common Adcirca side effects may include:

headache; flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling); nausea, upset stomach; runny or stuffy nose; or muscle pain, back pain, pain in your arms or legs.

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur:

Arm, back, or jaw pain blurred vision chest pain or discomfort chest tightness or heaviness chills cold sweats confusion dizziness fainting


What is Dapsone?

Dapsone, sold as the brand-name medication Aczone gel, is a topical antibiotic. Each bottle of the medical gel contains 5% of Dapsone which is commonly applied directly to the face. A valid prescription is required to obtain this medication which can be purchased at My Drug Center. We carry the brand-name product, available in 60 gram bottles.


What is Dapsone used for?

Dapsone, or Aczone gel, is used for the treatment of acne. Acne is commonly characterized by small red, tender bumps called papules and is commonly a result of excess oil production, clogged hair follicles, bacteria, or excess activity of androgens (hormones). Sometimes the red bumps can contain pus at their tips; these are called pimples (also known as pustules). Acne can also be in the form of open or closed comedones, which are also known as whiteheads (closed plugged pores) and blackheads (open plugged pores); although Dapsone can treat comedones (a non-inflammatory lesion), it is more effective at treating inflammatory lesions (like papules and pustules). Additionally, acne can also form as nodules, which are large solid and painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin, which is considered an inflammatory lesion treatable with Dapsone. Using Dapsone can help reduce the severity of your acne and can help encourage faster healing of acne that does manage to develop.


How does Dapsone work?

The exact mechanism of Dapsone for acne is unknown. It has shown to be effective in decreasing swelling (also known as inflammation) and preventing the growth of bacteria. It is thought to work by inhibiting nucleic acid synthesis.


How to use Aczone gel?

Use this medication exactly as directed by your doctor; do not use more or less of the medication, or for longer than directed. Before applying the medication, you should ensure you have washed and dried both your hands and the affected area. Apply the gel – a pea-sized amount – and gently rub it in. Your doctor will determine how many times per day you should use the medication based off the severity of your condition. Be careful not to get the medication in your eyes or mouth or on or around your lips.


How much is Aczone gel without insurance?

Aczone gel is an expensive medication in general but especially for those without insurance. In the United States, the brand-name product isn’t generally covered by Medicare, so vast majority of patients are stuck paying the entire amount; and though the generic form is cheaper in cost, it is still fairly expensive and not covered by Medicare either, making this medication high in cost in both the brand and generic forms. However, the price of most medications, including is Aczone gel, will fluctuate depending on the location of the pharmacy. For example, international prices at My Drug Center can be found for much lower than prices found in the United States. At My Drug Center, we offer the brand-name product for $75.00 when you buy a 60 gram bottle supply. This price is much cheaper when compared to local pharmacies in the United States; a 60 gram bottle of the brand-name Aczone gel would cost (on average) more than 11 times as much with a 60 gram bottle of the generic Dapsone gel costing about 6.5 times as much (on average).


Where to buy Aczone gel?

You can purchase the brand-name product Aczone gel from the comfort of your own home through My Drug Center. Online Canadian Pharmacy services like My Drug Center make it possible for you to order medication internationally without having to leave your home. Additionally, international prices are commonly much cheaper than what you would generally find at local United States pharmacies. So not only is filling your prescription through My Drug Center easy, but also easier on the wallet. You can place an order by calling our toll free number of 1-877-385-8998; keep in mind, you will require a valid prescription for this medication.

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