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Actonel is also known generically as the medication Risedronate and is available in 150MG, 75MG, 35MG, and 5MG.

This medication can be found under the drug class bisphosphonate and is an oral medication in tablet form.

It is used for people with pagets disease (abnormal bone formation). It is known to alter the formation and breakdown of bones, slowing down bone loss and decreasing the chance of bone fractures by maintaining bone density.

Actonel can also be used to prevent and treat cases of osteoporosis (caused by menopause, steroid use or gonadal failure).

Follow directions given by your doctor

Do not exceed use for more than 3-5 years unless your doctor suggests otherwise.

Take this tablet in the morning with full glass of water. Do not use any other liquid.

Do not crush, chew or suck on tablet, swallow whole.

After swallowing Actonel tablet, wait at least 30 minutes:

Before you lie down or recline.

Before you take your first food or drink, plain water is okay.

Before you take other medicines (including vitamins, calcium, iron, antacids, or laxatives.)

For optimal results take this medication on a regular basis. Do not change or increase your dose. You should continue taking this medication even if you feel well.


This medication may contain medical and non medical ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. Consult with your doctor about any known allergies before taking Actonel.

Speak with your doctor about any known medical conditions relating to jaw bone problems, troubles swallowing, low blood calcium, inability to remain upright for at least 30 minutes, kidney disease, and stomach disease.

Tell your doctor about any current medications or supplementation to avoid interactions with Actonel.

It is not known if this medication will cause harm to an unborn baby.

Taking Actonel can sometimes develop jaw bone problems. Schedule regular dental checks to ensure good dental health. Speak with your dentist about Actonel if you have any scheduled dental work.

Side Effects

Common side effects for Actonel are: upset stomach, stomach pain, headache, flu symptoms, muscle pain, diarrhea, constipation, or joint or back pain.

If any side effects become unmanageable speak with your doctor or pharmacist for help in managing any side effects. For any serious side effects that occur speak with your doctor right away for further treatment options.

Stop using Actonel and call your doctor at once if you have:

chest pain, new or worsening heartburn; difficulty or pain when swallowing; pain or burning under the ribs or in the back; severe heartburn, burning pain in your upper stomach, or coughing up blood; new or unusual pain in your thigh or hip; jaw pain, numbness, or swelling; severe joint, bone, or muscle pain; or low calcium levels - muscle spasms or contractions, numbness or tingly feeling (around your mouth, or in your fingers and toes).


What is Actonel?

This medication is used to treat osteoporosis, which is a disease that causes bones to become thinner and much easier to break. Your chance of getting osteoporosis does increase as you get older, after menopause, or if you are taking any corticosteroid medications for a long period of time. When taken, this medication works by slowing down the bone loss and helps to maintain strong and healthy bones, which in turn reduces the risk of any fractures. Actonal also is known by its generic name Risedronate, and it comes in four different strengths which are 5mg, 35mg, 75mg, and 150mg. If you have any questions regarding this medication or any inquiries in general, feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-385-8998.    


What are Actonel side effects?

Some of the more common side effects to this medication is listed as follows; Upset stomach, stomach pains, headache, flu symptoms, muscle pain, diarrhea, constipation, or joint or back pain. Keep in mind that these are not all of the side effects listed for this medication, and if you are experiencing any of these, be sure to inform your doctor if they persist or worsen.


What is the generic name for Actonel?

The generic name for Actonel is known as Risedronate.


Who manufactures Actonel?

Actonel is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, which is an American multinational consumer goods corporation.


What does Actonel cost?

This medication falls in line with Medicare’s Tier 2 of its formulary.  Tier 2 medications are usually referred to as “non-preferred generics”.  Meaning they can be expensive, and Medicare may not cover much of the cost. However, you can find a more affordable option in an online Canadian Pharmacy such as My Drug Center. We have a starting price of $79.00 for 12 pills.


How to take Actonel?

This medication is taken once a day and usually taken after getting up for the day and before your first meal, and before you take any other medications. Do not take it at bedtime. When taking it, make sure to swallow it whole with a full glass of water. Do not suck or chew on it. And be sure to stay fully upright for at least 30 minutes after you have taken your dose.

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