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Aceon Plus is a combination of Perindopril and Indapamide. It is an ACE inhibitor and is used to help treat blood pressure, as well as preventing other health risks that may occur when one has high blood pressure (such as strokes). The ACE inhibitors inside the Perindopril work by slowing down the production of angiotensin which results in wider blood vessels and easier blood flow. The Indapamide, the other active ingredient that makes up Aceon Plus, is a diuretic, more commonly known as water pills. They are often added into drugs to lower blood pressure even more. It does this by taking more sodium from your kidneys to be released into your urine. When there are excess amounts of sodium in your urine, more water will be taken from your blood to also be added to your urine.  When this happens, it reduces the amount of fluid thus reducing pressure. 

Aceon Plus is available in 4MG/1.25MG dosages.

Take Aceon Plus by mouth only. It is recommended you take this medication in the morning, before breakfast. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember, unless your next dose is due soon.

Store away from children, animals, moisture and in room temperature. Do not chew this tablet.

Always follow directions given by your doctor.

Aceon plus can cause harm to unborn babies in third and fourth trimesters. Discontinue use if you are pregnant or plan on being pregnant. Make sure to tell your doctor about any drug allergies you have and medications you take, including supplements and herbal remedies.

Avoid driving while using Aceon unless it is clear that it does not affect you in a way that makes you dizzy, lightheaded or tired.

Aceon Plus is not recommended to those who have a history of kidney artery narrowing.

You may have to adjust your dosage if you are currently taking diuretics, diabetes medication, lithium, potassium, clozapine or indomethacin.

Common Side Effects:

Dry cough





Nausea / Vomiting

Stomach pain

Vision changes

Speak to your doctor if:

Any of the side effects become bothersome or are prolonged.

What should I avoid while taking Aceon Plus?

Alcohol should be avoided while taking this medicine, as it can increase the intensity of side effects

Are there any side effects I should watch for and mention to my doctor if they occur?

Shortness of breath, hives, irregular or slow heartbeat, or chest pain are all symptoms you should tell your doctor about if you experience them.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience swelling of hands, face, lips, eyes, throat, or tongue and if you are having difficulty swallowing or breathing.  Any other intense reactions not listed should also be brought to a doctor’s attention as soon as possible

Is it safe for children?

It is not clear if it is effective or safe for children. Speak to your doctor for further information on pediatric dosages.

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