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The accutrend GC kit is a tool used by both physicians and patients, to measure and monitor the levels of cholesterol and glucose in people with metabolic disorders. They are made to be easy and quick to use, while giving prompt accurate results. The accutrend GC is about the size of a smart phone and has been designed to be portable, so it can be easily accessible during any sports or other recreational hobbies. Results are displayed in MG/DL (milligrams per deciliter) or MMOL/L (milligrams per millimolar) and stored with a date and time stamp for future references. The cost of our Accutrend GC Kit is a very low price compared to the price you would get at a laboratory.

Instead of the whole process of an injection to remove blood, the Accutrend GC Kit works by obtaining blood by a quick prick of the finger. Reflectance photometry is used to measure the intensity of the reaction color within the test strips. The concentration of the sample is then calculated by the meter. 


What You’ll Need:

  • The Accutrend Meter
  • Accutrend test strips (cholesterol or glucose strips)
  • A lancing device
  • Cellulose pads (for testing cholesterol)

Before Initial Use:

This tool requires AAA batteries Make sure to set up the time and date in your meter or else you will not be able to time stamp your previous levels. Immediately after turning on, the meter will perform an automatic function test; it will only last for about 2-4 seconds. No entries can be made during this period. Make sure that all three default digits appear on the screen as 888. If they do not, your results may be inaccurately shown. Properties of test strips can vary from pack to pack so it is important to adjust the accutrend to these differences, this is also known as coding. Coding must be done when a new pack of test strips is used and when switching on for the first time (when there is no code number currently stored) After turning on the meter, when the function test is finished, “code” will appear on the screen. Take the code strip out of the packaging and hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Make sure the arrows are pointing away from you and avoid touching the black horizontal line. With the flap closed, insert the strip into the slot. Attempt to do this with one smooth movement as far as it goes, removing it immediately after. If done correctly, the meter should beep and display a three digit code number. If you see E-2 or E-3, it failed and the previous step will need to be redone. Do NOT throw away test strips after in case recoding is needed later on. Any test strip with the code stored in the meter can now be done. The meter will automatically switch to the correct symbol for the strip (if the code has been stored for it). Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before taking measurements

Measuring Cholesterol/Glucose

Prepare the lancing device.  Turn on the meter. When function test is completed, it should show GLUC or CHOL, both will appear if meter has been coded for both already. When the word CODE flashes, the meter is now ready to be used Take your test strip out of the container. Make sure to close the container immediately afterwards With the flap closed, inset the strip into the open slot. The square yellow test area should be facing upwards. Keep pushing it into the meter until you can no longer read GLUC or CHOL on the strip A successful reading will be indicated by 2 beeps, one short beep followed by a longer one as well as the display reading either GLUC or CHOL. “Code” on the screen will also stop flashing Now you can open the flap. The display should read off the measurement time. Rub and knead the one of your fingertips to help prepare the withdrawal of blood Lance the messaged site with the lancing device Allow a hanging drop to form without applying to much pressure, the test strip still inside the meter. To determine cholesterol, wipe off the first drop of blood with a cellulose pad, using the second drop of blood for the test. Apply the blood to the yellow area of the strip without touching the rest of the strip. It is very important the entire yellow area is filled with blood. There should be no visible parts showing. Close the flap immediately after applying the blood sample. The display should now be counting down to 0. The last 4 seconds you will hear beeping, the final beep, the end of your test, will be a prolonged beep. The result is now being displayed and stored for later convenience Always open the flap before taking out the strip. This is to avoid soiling the instrument. Your Accutrend will automatically turn off after 1 minute



Meters are only 95% accurate, to maintain accuracy, make sure the measuring window is clean at all times, otherwise inaccurate results could be shown.

Users with hemophobia may have difficulty using this device.

If you are sharing this meter with another person, to help protect yourself against infection (e.g. hepatitis or AIDS) it is suggested that you;

-Only apply the blood outside the meter

-Use a separate lancet and lancing device for each person

-Disinfect the meter with 70% alcohol after each measurement

If measurements are taken where the temperature is higher than showed below, a safety warning will appear, the credibility of this test may be decreased.

Accutrend® Glucose: +18°C to +32°C

Accutrend® Cholesterol: +18°C to +30°C

Side Effects

There are little side effects to using this tool.

For some, like those with hemophobia, the sight of blood can cause anxiety, increased heart rate and sweating.


Does my accutrend GC kit keep track of my previous cholesterol/glucose levels?

Yes. If you set the time and date on your meter during the inital set up, the device will automatically save your data so it can be reviewed later on.

Where is the best place to keep it when I am not using it?

Keep it stored in a place that is room temperature and ideally out of reach of children.

What are some of the advantages of using this at home meter as oppose to going to my doctor?

The cost is much lower than if you were to go to a laboratory to get testing done. It is also more convenient, as you can bring it with you where you go, as well as saving you time from having to book an appointment and the possibility of wait times. 

What does it mean when my screen says "EEE"?

This is the coded message for ERROR. You have done something wrong. Re-read the directions and attempt the last step again.

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