How Much Does Januvia Cost?

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Table of Contents

I. What does Januvia Do?

II. Brand Name vs. Generic Januvia

III. Januvia & Insurance Plans

IV. Using a Canadian Pharmacy for Januvia

V. Januvia’s Popularity

What does Januvia Do?

Januvia is one of the most popular type 2 diabetes drugs on the market. It was approved for use by the FDA in 2006 and has been frequently used in diabetes treatment since its inception. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes insulin resistant. Insulin resistance occurs when the body experiences fluctuating blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar spikes and dips dramatically over a long period, your body’s insulin may not be able to process glucose to provide the body with energy.

Lifestyle changes are often a useful treatment option for those with type 2 diabetes. If changing your diet and exercise routine does not improve your diabetes symptoms, you may be prescribed Januvia (sitagliptin) for type 2 diabetes. So why is Januvia so expensive?

Brand Name vs. Generic Januvia

There is no generic version of Januvia, which is one reason why this drug is more expensive. Many people prefer Januvia because it has negligible side effects for most patients and can help lower blood sugar in adults with type 2.

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Brand name medications like Januvia are more expensive than generic alternatives. When a drug first comes on the market, the brand name version is the only one available for a specific length of time. The drug manufacturer has an exclusive patent on the drug, and after a certain amount of years, typically 10-20 years, a drug will be allowed generic versions. Januvia was approved in 2006, so the patent is expected to extend until 2026. Until then, only the brand name will be available.

Januvia & Insurance Plans 

But if I have insurance, then Januvia won’t be as expensive, right? It depends. Commercial health insurance varies from plan to plan, so you may have to make a call to your insurer to see if your plan covers Januvia and if the co-pay is affordable for you.

Typically, many health insurance plans may try to find you an alternative medication that is less expensive than Januvia. This means that your insurance will recommend a type 2 diabetes drug that already has a generic version. Insurance agencies will likely react differently once Januvia goes generic, but as of right now, you may need to request this drug specifically.

Using a Canadian Pharmacy for Januvia

Your insurance company may cover a part of your Januvia medication, but it still may be out of your price range. Typically, Januvia can cost approximately $500 for a 30 day supply. That is a hefty price tag for one month of drugs, especially if you are taking other prescription medications.

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There may be coupons and rebates available for Januvia, but those coupons often do not make a significant dent in your monthly medical costs. This is where My Drug Center comes in. You can save hundreds of dollars on your type 2 diabetes treatment plan if you buy Januvia through an online Canadian pharmacy.  

If you use an online pharmacy for your Januvia prescription, you will pay a fraction of the normal cost. By buying Januvia through My Drug Center, you can expect to pay around $50 for a 30-day prescription and $130 for a three-month prescription.

Januvia’s Popularity

The combination of Januvia’s popularity and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the United States is the main driving force behind its high price. Between 2010 and 2015, the price of Januvia rose 93 percent. Like all products, a high demand results in an inflated price. Luckily, you can avoid all of these prices by bypassing American pharmacies altogether.

My Drug Center fulfills Januvia prescriptions from suppliers around the world that are not affected by the pharmaceutical manipulation of the United States. You can have Januvia shipped straight to your door and completely avoid pharmacies using an online Canadian pharmacy. If you have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and your doctor recommends Januvia, visit My Drug Center today to save time and money.

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