Prescription Required
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Interceptor Plus is a medication used in dogs, consisting of two drugs called milbemycin (a macrocyclic anthelmintic) and praziquantel (an isoquinolone anthelmintic). We carry the brand choice of this medication in 23mg/228mg!

Interceptor plus is used to prevent and control different types of worms that affect dogs. These worms consist of hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Interceptor plus also prevents against heartworm disease in dogs, but wont beable to kill an adult heartworm infection. If your dog is infected by one of these 5 worms, you may notice your dog having symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, dehydration (look for dry nose and sluggishness), anemia (look for pale pink/whitish gums or fatigue), blood loss, coughing, and if left untreated, death.

Interceptor plus is effective in the prevention and controlling of parasitic worms in dogs due to the milbemycin disturbing the nerve transmission within the parasite, leading to the death of the parasite. Praziquantel is effective against tapeworms because it is able to damage the parasites “mouth” so it can no longer feed while also stimulating the movement of the worm, because of this, the parasite cannot latch onto the intestinal tract and is then flushed out of the body along with feces. Interceptor plus works to kill heartworm larvae after an infected mosquito bites your dog, before the larvae mature and become adult heartworms.


This medication can be fed to the dog by itself, or added into dog food. The medication is most effective when it is chewed before it is swallowed; attempt to make sure your dog chews the treat instead of swallowing it whole; if you dog is likely to swallow it without chewing, break the medication into smaller pieces before giving it to your dog.

Observe your pet for a few minutes after, to ensure they ate the entire dose. If you suspect the dose was not entirely taken, re-dosing is recommended.

Give your dog one chew (dose) every 30 days (1 month).


Interceptor Plus is not meant for human use. Keep out of reach of children.

Interceptor plus should not be used in puppies less than six weeks of age or dogs less than two pounds in weight.

Prior to treatment, dogs should be tested for heartworm infections; this medication will not be effective in terminating an adult heartworm infection and therefore if a dog is tested positive for heartworm infection, it should be treated before treatment with Interceptor plus is used.

The safety of this drug has not been tested in dogs used for breeding or in lactating females.

Side Effects

Side effects of Interceptor plus may include:

vomiting diarrhea depression or acting sluggish ataxia (loss of coordination or balance) anorexia (is hungry but cannot eat due to difficulties with picking up food, chewing, or swallowing) or weight loss convulsions weakness or salivation (excess saliva production)


What if I accidentally give my dog too many chews?

Contact your veterinarian right away.

Should I restrict my dogs activity after giving him his dose?

There is no need to restrict activity following the dose; you may continue with normal activities and interactions.

Can this medication be used in cats?

No. Unfortunetly this product has been specifically designed for the use of dogs. Do not give Interceptor plus to a cat or any animal that is not a dog.

What size dog is the 23mg/228mg meant for?

The strength of 23mg/228mg is ideal for dogs weighing 50.1lbs (22.7kg) to 100lbs (45.4kg)