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Canthacur Solution is a topical solution made up of cantharidin; a vesicant. This medication is available in 0.70% doses.

Canthacur Solution is used to treat warts. Anyone can develop warts, they are contagious. There are many different types of warts such as; common, flat, facial, body, genital & plantar warts. A wart is a small growth on the skin with a rough texture and can appear anywhere on the body. The appearance of warts depends on where it is located on the body and the state of the skin (thickness).  Some warts look like a solid blister where others look like a small cauliflower. Warts are caused by viruses in the HPV (human papillomavirus: a viral infection passed through skin contact) family. 

This solution works by forming a blister underneath the wart; the blister eventually pops and takes the wart with it when it does.

Follow instructions given to you by your doctor or a healthcare provider. Instructions can also be found on the bottle/container for your convenience. Wash your hands before proceeding.

1. Apply a small amount of solution to the wart

2. Cover the wart with a bandage or tape

3. Wait 6 hours; remove the bandage/tape and wash with soap and water.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not digest this medication.

Do not use Canthacur Solution if you are allergic to cantharidin or the other in-active ingredients found in Canthacur Solution.

Refrain from itching if the affected area becomes itchy.

Possible side effects of cantharidin include:

  • Pain from blister; you can use tylenol to help relieve pain
  • Redness around the wart
  • Appearance of small satellite warts around the treated area

What is the healing process of this medication?

After a few hours have passed since you washed it off, you may have slight discomfort. After 24 hours of applying the solution, you should have a fully formed blister (don’t be alarmed if you notice blood inside the blister). By day 4, the blister should be crusted, and falling off; this will leave the area red and raw-looking, you can apply Vaseline twice a day to help with the process. After a week it should be healed, possibly with slight redness still.

Does this treatment hurt?

It does not hurt while applying the solution however those with low pain tolerance may find the blisters that form to be a bit painful. You can take Tylenol to combat the pain.

If I can’t itch the area, what can I do to help the itchiness?

You are able to use a 1% cortisone ointment twice a day for 5 days to relieve the itchiness of a rash or eczema if either occur.

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