How Much Does Symbicort Cost?

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In the United States, Symbicort (budesonide/formoterol) retails for an average price of $263 USD for 120 doses of 100 mcg/6 mcg at $2.19 USD per dose. However, you can purchase Symbicort 100 mcg/6 mcg for $94 USD for 120 doses at $0.78 USD per dose from trusted online pharmacies and pharmacy referral services.

The stark difference in price between the national average and buying online can be attributed to the low cost of Symbicort outside of the United States.

Residents from countries like New Zealand and Canada pay a fraction of the cost that people in the United States pay for the same exact medication.

Fortunately, US residents can purchase Symbicort from online pharmacies for a deeply discounted price without sacrificing drug quality, effectiveness and safety. 

How to Save on Symbicort

Symbicort comes with a high price tag in the United States from a lack of drug pricing regulations--regulations that are common in other countries.

For this reason, drug prices can soar in the U.S. compared to other countries around the world. These drugs are the same exact products with the only difference being a large discrepancy in price.

In countries with universal healthcare, there is a single entity in charge of pricing drugs. That simply isn’t the case in the United States. The U.S. doesn’t have the same price controls with many different government and private insurers negotiating drug prices and using leverage with manufacturers to drive costs up.

In fact, it has been estimated that people in the United States spend approximately 203% more per capita for pharmaceutical drugs than other countries while getting fewer doses of drugs.

Many Americans are searching for ways to cut costs on their medications by seeking out budget-friendly sources for drugs. One popular way to find the same medications they are prescribed in the United States is by purchasing them from verified online pharmacies and pharmacy referral services that source drugs from other countries.

For example, a supply of Symbicort 100 mcg/6 mcg that costs $263 USD for 120 doses of 100 mcg/6 mcg or $2.19 USD per dose in the U.S. can be purchased for only $94 USD for 120 doses or $0.78 USD per dose from My Drug Center, a certified pharmacy referral service located in Canada. 

While the cost of Symbicort is over twice as high in the United States, customers can save on their prescription by purchasing Symbicort online from a credible international pharmacy or pharmacy referral service.

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